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  • noun Any of various fusible alloys, usually tin and lead, used to join metallic parts.
  • noun Something that joins or cements.
  • intransitive verb To unite or repair (parts, for example) with solder.
  • intransitive verb To join or unite.
  • intransitive verb To unite or repair something with solder.
  • intransitive verb To be joined or united.

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  • noun A fusible alloy used for joining or binding together metal surfaces or joints, as the edges of tin cans, jewelry, and kitchen utensils.
  • noun Hence Figuratively, that which unites in any way.
  • noun Gross flattery or fulsome praise, particularly when used for selfish aims.

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  • transitive verb To unite (metallic surfaces or edges) by the intervention of a more fusible metal or metallic alloy applied when melted; to join by means of metallic cement.
  • transitive verb To mend; to patch up.
  • noun A metal or metallic alloy used when melted for uniting adjacent metallic edges or surfaces; a metallic cement.
  • noun a solder which fuses only at a red heat, as one composed of zinc and copper, or silver and copper, etc.
  • noun a solder fusible at comparatively low temperatures.

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  • noun Any of various alloys, often of tin and lead, that are used to join small pieces of metal together
  • verb To join with (or as if with) solder

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  • noun an alloy (usually of lead and tin) used when melted to join two metal surfaces
  • verb join or fuse with solder


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[Middle English soudur, from Old French soudure, soldure, from souder, soulder, to solder, from Latin solidāre, to make solid, from solidus, solid; see solid.]

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Middle English solderen, from Old French solder (Modern French souder) from Latin solido, solidare ("to make solid").


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  • The solder is too precise to be done by hand -- that's because it's from India.

    Boing Boing: September 18, 2005 - September 24, 2005 Archives 2005

  • The connectors are lead-free and RoHS-compatible, with signal terminations featuring a nickel barrier for long-term solder-joint reliability.

    Electronicstalk - electronics industry news 2009

  • If the gulf between us had been filled with Birmingham 'solder' - what you say would have been highly sensible; but I believe, from my heart, that it is drawn together and closed by the same process that first drew us together.

    Selections from the Letters of Geraldine Endsor Jewsbury to Jane Welsh Carlyle 1892

  • Lt.Col. John Clearwater says the solder is a male but would not release his name or whether he's related to Specialist Tuoma.

    CNN Transcript Jun 29, 2008 2008

  • By doing this, one becomes familiar with the feeling of hot solder, which is the secret of successful wiping.

    Elements of Plumbing Samuel Edward Dibble

  • The importance of good solder, that is, solder correctly mixed and thoroughly cleaned, should not be overlooked.

    Elements of Plumbing Samuel Edward Dibble

  • Too much solder on the seam will cause it to overflow, that is, the solder will spread beyond the papered edges.

    Elements of Plumbing Samuel Edward Dibble

  • In the process of joining such parts as the handle and spout by hard solder, that is to say, solder as difficult to melt as the main body of the object, one of the most valuable inventions for chemical processes, the blow-pipe, is employed with the aid of two other great scientific aids of modern times.

    Rides on Railways Samuel Sidney 1848

  • It could all be made of tin; but then it is necessary to use solder, which is liable to melt and cause leaks.

    Mysteries of Bee-keeping Explained 1842

  • A solder is a metal alloy used to bond metals together. - latest science and technology news stories 2010


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  • I use a soldering iron to solder with

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