from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • n. See wild fennel.

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  • n. Any plant of the genus Nigella of about twelve species of annual flowering plants, the blooms of which are generally blue in colour but also found in shades of pink, white and pale purple.
  • n. The seeds of the plant Nigella sativa, used as a culinary spice.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Middle English, from Late Latin, black cumin, fennel, from feminine of Latin nigellus, blackish, diminutive of niger, black.


  • Commonly known as nigella, this spice is also found under the name "onion seeds."

    The Seattle Times

  • For example, we both thought maybe there were nigella seeds in the dish at the restaurant.

    Archive 2009-06-01

  • The only 2 Indian spice blends in my spice drawer, both made by me, are the panch phoron, which has a pretty strict ratio (equal amounts of fenugreek, cumin, nigella, black mustard seeds, and fennel seeds, if I remember right off the top of my head) and my garam masala, which I use when the recipe does not seem picky about a particular region's garam masala.

    Tried & True Goan Style Vindaloo

  • Ingredient lists contained nigella seeds, manouri and galangal with little, if any, explanation.

    Cookbooks From Britannia Rule!

  • Followed a classic recipe (grated potatoes, eggs, salt, oil) but substituted sweet potatoes for white ones, included grated onion, and added fennel and onion seeds (nigella).

    Latkes: impossible food-wine pairing? | Dr Vino's wine blog

  • According to my favorite Indian cookbook author, Madhur Jaffrey, black cumin seeds (nigella) are sold as kalonji in Indian and Pakistani markets, and as siyah danch in Middle Eastern markets.

    Black Cumin May Treat Pancreatic Cancer

  • For the pastry170g plain flour, plus extra to dust60g quick-cook polenta20g finely grated parmesan140g unsalted butter, fridge-cold and cut into cubes50ml waterA pinch of saltFor the filling200g comté, grated150ml crème fraîche150ml single cream3 eggs2 tsp nigella seeds¾ tsp each salt and ground whitepepper200g chopped Swiss chard, cooked for a few minutes in olive oil (or spinach, washed, wilted and drained)

    Yotam Ottolenghi's comté and polenta tart recipe

  • Like Armenian string cheese, Nabulsi is salty, and studded with tiny black nigella seeds (also known as black caraway or black cumin), which give the cheese a slightly spicy, peppery taste.

    Say Cheese: Crisp and spicy

  • * Panch phoron is a Bengali spice mixture comprised of equal amounts of whole fennel seeds, cumin seeds, black mustard seeds, fenugreek (methi) seeds and nigella seeds (kalonji).

    Archive 2008-03-01

  • I used 3 parts cumin, fennel, mustard and nigella seeds to 2 parts fenugreek seeds.

    Tales of a Compulsive Food Thief: Pumpkin Dal with Yellow Split Peas and Red Lentils Served With Naan


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