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  • n. Lack of intention to show aggression against a foreign government or nation.

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  • n. a lack of aggression

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  • n. a policy of not initiating hostilities


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

non- +‎ aggression


  • Guzman was the first to break a nonaggression pact reached by Mexico's top cartels several years ago to wrest smuggling routes through the northern state of Chihuahua from the Juarez cartel, according to one of his former allies, Edgar "La Barbie" Valdez.

    Meet El Chapo, The 'Most Powerful Drug Trafficker In The World'

  • That is to say, whether the organization can remain true to its understanding of Islamic law and God's word and yet enter into a long-term nonaggression treaty with Israel.

    Mitchell Bard: Hamas Is Responsible for the Civilian Casualties in Gaza

  • The president has refused to negotiate a so-called nonaggression pact with North Korea, but bush officials say that they hope with other parties involved, North Korea's neighbors, there's more of a chance that they will abide by this pact as opposed to what they have done with others, like in 1994, they essentially broke the pact according to Bush officials.

    CNN Transcript Oct 20, 2003

  • Like many libertarians, he posits property rights as the foundation of libertarian political theory, and suggests that because it is a derivative concept, we stop calling the nonaggression principle an "axiom."

    Libertarian Blog Place

  • By agreeing that all the planet's major financial institutions will be forced to attain a substantially higher level of capitalization, the framers forged a kind of nonaggression pact.

    Basel's Capital Illusions

  • The U.S. has been saying that they don't want to sign any kind of nonaggression pact, but they have been making it very clear that they want a peaceful solution and that they have absolutely no intention of attacking North Korea -- Miles.

    CNN Transcript Jan 19, 2003

  • German troops invade Soviet Russia, breaking the "nonaggression" pact signed in 1939.

    What Did You Do in the War, Grandma?: Timeline

  • "The noninitiation principle, sometimes called the nonaggression principle, can be traced to thinkers as varied as Thomas Aquinas, John Locke, and Herbert Spencer.

    Capitalism Magazine

  • When you’re seeking to uphold a general principle such as nonaggression, you shouldn’t be surprised that they remember you calling them all "cheese-eating surrender monkeys" when they were busy trying to block your aggression.

    My Army Went To Iraq And All I Got Is This Lousy Airlift: The Bush Doctrine Meets Reality. Reality Wins

  • During the latest round of negotiations, the two countries signed two deals—a nonaggression pact and a pact on the repatriation of around 300,000 Southerners from Sudan.

    Sudan to Resume Oil Talks With South Sudan


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