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  • n. Nautical A long, tapering, usually triangular flag, used on ships for signaling or identification.
  • n. A flag or an emblem similar in shape to a ship's pennant.
  • n. Sports A flag that symbolizes the championship of a league, especially a professional baseball league.
  • n. Sports The championship symbolized by such a flag.

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  • n. A flag normally used by naval vessels to represent a special condition.
  • n. The winning of a competition, represented by a flag.
  • n. A rope or strap to which a purchase is hooked.

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  • n. A small flag; a pennon. The narrow pennant, or long pennant (called also whip or coach whip) is a long, narrow piece of bunting, carried at the masthead of a government vessel in commission. The board pennant is an oblong, nearly square flag, carried at the masthead of a commodore's vessel.
  • n. A rope or strap to which a purchase is hooked.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A flag long in the fly as compared with its hoist.
  • n. A pointed or swallow tailed flag having its fly about twice its hoist, used especially to denote the rank of the commanding or senior officer on board the ship when it is hoisted: also called broad pennant.
  • n. Any flag taken us an emblem of superiority, particularly in athletic contests.
  • n. Nautical, a short piece of rope to which a tackle is hooked. See pendant, 5 .
  • n. In musical notation, the hook or stroke that distinguishes an eighth-, sixteenth-, or thirty-second-note from a quarter-note.
  • n. See the qualifying words.
  • n. Same as Irish pendant (which see, under pendant).
  • n. In geology, a local name for a series of sandstones, barren of coal, which are found between the upper and lower coal-measures of South Wales: as, Pennant grit, Pennant stone.

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  • n. a flag longer than it is wide (and often tapering)
  • n. a long flag; often tapering
  • n. the award given to the champion


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Blend of pendant1 and pennon.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Old English penon, penoun, pynoun, Old French penon, French pennon, from Latin penna feather. See pen a feather, and compare pennon, pinion.


  • Yankees manager Joe Girardi said losing the American League pennant is a tough way to end the season.

    Texas Finally Makes it to World Series

  • Either way, though, the pennant is talking to the glass and both are telling us a lot about the relationship between these two characters.

    Lance Mannion:

  • Close X 'Game 7: Tampa Bay 3, Boston 1 text75045c4308ab64bfcb8a506ba98fe347c =' MORE GAME 7 Box score Game story: Rays win pennant at home Emotional Garza seals the deal Red Sox ran out of magic Lopresti: Cinderella wears Rays jersey

    Dice-K masterful as Red Sox beat Rays in ALCS opener

  • Detroit (55-56), one of the preseason favorites to win the AL pennant, is 13-16 since the start of July.

  • Sunday night, the Boston Red Sox will try to take the American League pennant from the Tampa Bay Rays in the same manner they took it from the New York Yankees in 2004 and the Cleveland Indians last October.

    Red Sox force decisive Game 7

  • They clambered up on the cabin, Roy waving the naval flag, and Pee-wee the name pennant, while Tom cast the anchor, for already the _Good Turn_ was drifting.

    Tom Slade at Temple Camp

  • The twenty-five-foot rope-ladder, strong but light, that was to hang below the car, and the anchor and drag rope, were attached, the name pennant of white with the word "Cibola" resplendent in blue, "turquoise blue," explained Ned -- was unfurled on its little staff just abaft the big propeller, and a new silk American flag was laid out it the stern of the car to be run up on its halyards as soon as the bag was attached.

    The Air Ship Boys : Or, the Quest of the Aztec Treasure

  • If we can get it back, there are a lot of traditions in the navy and one of them is this really long ship's commissioning pennant, which is flying from the mass in addition to the large -- as the ship was pulling in.

    CNN Transcript Apr 26, 2003

  • "'The donation from the two Jims is a great gesture, the team would like to offer special thanks to Jim Stewart who also gave us a signed pennant from the Czech game at Hampden, a signed Rangers top and the new Scotland Adidas top which isn't even out till June.


  • The feature of the work of the team in winning the pennant was the ability shown by Captain Comiskey in his position; the fine infield work, too, of Latham and Robinson, and the outfielding of O'Neill and McCarthy greatly aiding the batteries of the team.

    Spalding's Baseball Guide and Official League Book for 1889


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