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  • verb transitive To lift; to grasp and raise.
  • verb transitive To collect an object, especially in passing.
  • verb transitive or intransitive To clean up; to return to an organized state.
  • verb transitive To collect a passenger.
  • verb transitive To collect and detain (a suspect).
  • verb intransitive To improve, increase, or speed up.
  • verb intransitive To restart or resume.
  • verb transitive To learn, to grasp; to begin to understand.
  • verb transitive To receive (a radio signal or the like).
  • verb by extension To notice, detect or discern, often used with "on".
  • verb transitive To point out (a person's behaviour, habits, or actions) in a critical manner.
  • verb To meet and seduce somebody for romantic purposes, especially in a social situation.
  • verb transitive or intransitive To answer a telephone. See pick up the phone.
  • verb To pay for.
  • verb To reduce the despondency of.
  • verb To take control (physically) of something.
  • verb soccer To mark, to defend against an opposition player by following them closely.
  • verb To record, to notch up
  • noun attributive An impromptu athletic game.
  • noun The act of collecting and taking away something or someone, usually in a vehicle. The time the act occurs.
  • noun An instance of approaching someone and engaging in romantic flirtation and courting with the intent to pursue romance, a date, or a sexual encounter. See also pick-up line, pick-up joint, pickup artist.
  • noun US A pickup truck.
  • noun tennis A half-volley.


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  • To score.

    "Doughty - 6-0 and 213 pounds from London, Ont. - picked up four assists in the tournament" - Vancouver Sun, 1-10-08

    January 11, 2008