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  • v. To collect or gather (something) together.
  • v. To round (a number) to the smallest integer that is not less than it, or to some other greater value, especially a whole number of hundreds, thousands, etc.


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  • I worked with increasing optimism to round up support for our linkage of the budget and reform issues, starting with Japan, and bringing along the “CANZ” group, so named from the initials of Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, three other former British colonies more likely to side with us than with the colonial master.

    Surrender is not an Option

  •  IN THE WESTERNDISAPPOINTMENTS, on the last evening of this jackal moon, the Scrow herders sent their dogs out to round up the sheep earlier than usual.

    Son of a Witch

  • Ledyard was scheduled for one more meeting with Morris the following day, and would then head for New England to round up a crew.

    Robert Morris

  • At one time his ability to cloak people from danger would have helped keep Roman soldiers from seeing villages of people they might round up for their horrific gladiator games . . . or would have hidden men, women, and children from ethnic-cleansing roundups of the many holocausts this world has seen.

    Surrender the Dark

  • Just as soon as it was realized by the defenders that resistance within the triangle was at an end, a troop of sappers from 4 CER, mounted in their Ml 13s as infantry, drove cautiously among the burning or abandoned enemy vehicles, to round up stragglers who had baled out and were either trying to make their escape or thankfully surrendering.

    First Clash

  • Pakistan Ambassador to the United States Husain Haqqani is defending his country's decision to round up more than 30 people as part of an investigation into the Osama bin Laden compound.

    Pakistan Ambassador Defends Questioning of Informants

  • 'Shouldn't be too much of a problem, sir, should it, to round up all the small, slight, fragile-looking girls in the area and find out which of them was Randish's mistress?'

    No Laughing Matter

  • He and McClenaghan each put up the largest shares, ten thousand pounds apiece, and then helped round up the leading merchants in town to fill out the list.

    Robert Morris

  • Some of these jokers, even your best friends, they'll come on to your station and round up the poddys and drive them off on to their own land, and then there's nothing to say they're yours.

    A Town Like Alice

  • President Reagan was proposing a round of student aid cuts at the time, and so I worked with a group of student leaders-most of them black, Puerto Rican, or of Eastern European descent, almost all of them the first in their families to attend college-to round up petitions opposing the cuts and then deliver them to the New York congressional delegation.

    The Audacity of Hope


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  • Round Up is an amusement ride consisting of circular horizontal platform with vertical cage like wall around the edge. The platform is attached to a motor on a hydraulic arm. The ride starts out by spinning until the centripetal force is enough to push riders against the wall. Then, the arm raises the horizontal platform to a vertical position in which riders, instead of spinning horizontally, are now spinning vertically.

    The ride spins for a predetermined cycle until an automatic timer releases the hydraulic fluid from the arm causing the platform to return to its horizontal position.

    In the UK this ride is commonly known as the 'Meteorite' or 'Meteor'.


    January 31, 2008