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  • We are looking for a chance for him to explore the culinary delicacy called "runza," which I have a recipe for if anyone's interested.

    Press Briefing By Jake Siewert

  • In Nebraska, the bierock morphed into the runza sandwich, a variant differing in shape (the runza is rectangular), and in the occasional addition of pork and cheese to the filling. stories: News

  • Runza restaurants, a Midwestern fast food chain based in Nebraska, sells swiss mushroom and BLT runzas - variations suited to the palates of the latest generation of runza-lovers. stories: News


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  • Oh! The etymology for frounce has this: "From Middle English frouncen, from Old French froncir "to wrinkle, frown", from Frankish *hrunkja "a wrinkle" from Proto-Germanic *hrunkijō, *hrunkitō (“fold, wrinkle”), from Proto-Indo-European *(s)ker- (“to turn, bend”). Akin to Old High German runza "fold, wrinkle, crease" (German Runzel "wrinkle"), Middle Dutch ronse "frown", Old Norse hrukka "wrinkle, crease" (Icelandic hrukka "wrinkle, crease, ruck"). More at ruck2. (Wiktionary)."

    March 24, 2014