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  • n. Alternative spelling of séance.


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  • Unlike previous decisions, by previous administrations that took place in seance-like settings, or were "divine" inspirations with no one from this world present to agree or disagree.

    Afghanistan decision to come within days, White House says

  • "Al-f-u-r-d" was escorted home then to the cellar where the seance was a trifle more animated than usual, at least "Al-f-u-r-d's" cries so denoted.

    Watch Yourself Go By

  • She added with some little diffidence that the fee for a seance was a guinea, and, as she left, took a card out of a case, encrusted with glowing rubies, and gave it her.

    Queen Lucia

  • His real joy, however, was in withdrawing for what might be called a seance of meditation from the world's business.

    The Money Master, Volume 4.

  • Mr. Dempster was not disposed to encourage her confidence; her strange inquiries about people he had been greatly interested in, recalled the seance which had so much startled Francis Hogarth, and he suspected that this must be the person who had written the letter the spirit had been questioned about, and, consequently, that she was Hogarth's mother; no mother, certainly, to be proud of!

    Mr. Hogarth's Will

  • It begins with a Gypsy woman holding a kind of seance over a fat wad of supposedly cursed money for a rich, frightened woman.

    MERCHANT OF MURDER by Spencer Dean (Pocket 1960)

  • This is the second "seance" after the inaugural edition's sold-out success a year and a half ago.

    Archive 2007-02-01

  • Far, far too many people who claim to be originalists think that originalism is some kind of seance in which you try channeling the drafters in the spirit world and divine what was on their minds when they proposed the text of the statute.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » The Civil War Draft and the Constitutionality of Mandatory National Service Under the Thirteenth Amendment:

  • I dissected the 'seance', trying to recall every word that Epiny had said to me.

    Shaman's Crossing

  • I knew, as clearly as if he had spoken it aloud, that he had thought this 'seance' all a sham, but an excellent excuse to hold Epiny's hand in his.

    Shaman's Crossing


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