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  • n. A chewy, protein-rich food made from wheat gluten and used as a meat substitute.

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  • n. Wheat gluten.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the term was coined in Japanese by philosopher George Ohsawa in the early 1960s to refer to wheat gluten as used in Ohsawa's macrobiotic system of cooking and health. It may derive from  (sei-, "be, become") or  (-sei, "made of") +  (tan-) (from 蛋白 ("protein")). In Japan, wheat gluten itself is usually referred to as  (fu, "wheat bran, gluten").


  • It's unclear whether the lawmaker was referring to "seitan" -- the vegan-friendly meat-substitute -- or to Hell's landlord.

    HUFFPOST HILL - Congress' Manic Last-Minute Debt Maneuvering

  • After the seitan is heated through and the mushrooms are softened add the red wine sauce and the vegetables from that sauce.

    Archive 2006-09-01

  • The next big thing - which got its big 20th-century boost from the macrobiotic movement, whose pioneer George Ohsawa gave this ancient food a new Japanese name meaning "protein-made" - is called seitan, pronounced not "Satan" but "say-tahn." Main RSS Feed

  • Even traditional meat dishes such as roast beef can be reproduced using a meat substitute called seitan which, when prepared properly, can easily pass for sliced meat or ground beef.

  • And many of the vegetarian protein sources such as seitan and tempeh both of which I actually like are extremely salty which is another problem if you need to limit either sodium intake or fluid intake.

    Eating Meat Is Only Human - Bitten Blog -

  • I'll put it this way: just because I didn't like "seitan," it doesn't mean I'm going to hell.

    Daily Campus

  • It was obviously faux-meat that was actually called "seitan" (seriously pronounced "Satan," as in the prince of darkness).

    Daily Campus

  • We also have vegetarian recipes that use tofu or seitan.

    10 Quick And Easy Stir-Fry Recipes

  • Enjoy your seitan/lentil-loaf and rice milk tonight, Paulie, and have a safe bike-ride home from work.

    Matthew Yglesias » In Praise of Short Menus

  • Whether it's Indian veggie curry, seitan Philly cheese "steak" or vegan ginger cookies, these restaurants offer healthy and substantial vegetarian and vegan options.

    Vegetarian Restaurants In New York: 11 Top Picks (PHOTOS)


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