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  • n. A thicket; a small wood or grove.
  • n. The leaves and tops of vegetables, especially potatoes and turnips.


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Old English sceaga, scaga. Cognate with Old Norse skógr ("forest, wood"), whence Danish skov ("forest").


  • I don’t Dem Yankees an’ dat big gub’mint shaw is evil.

    Matthew Yglesias » Politics and Investment Bias

  • The general aspect of the country is that of the pastoral hills of the south of Scotland, forming, as is usual, bleak and wild farms, many of which had, at no great length of time from the date of the story, been covered with trees; as some of them still attest by bearing the name of shaw, that is, wild natural wood.

    Castle Dangerous

  • Dare frame thy fearful symmetry? admin Uncategorized anne shaw, the tyger, william blake

    Anne Shaw reads “The Tyger” by William Blake

  • Or contact p2pnet @ shaw dot ca. © 2010 p2pnet. net licensed under the Creative Commons license.

    p2pnet World Headlines – April 6, 2009

  • It was young Grim shaw who walked over to the hut with her after the meal and stayed while she saw to the men for the night.

    You Don't Take Names

  • It was a pity that the very day she had had this idea, she had already committed herself to an afternoon of table tennis with young Grim shaw; a pleasant enough way in which to spend an hour or two, but William seemed very young; she found herself comparing him with Christian van Duyl, an exercise which did nothing to improve her mood.

    You Don't Take Names

  • There was no need for her prayers, however; two days later Professor Wyllie, pottering in to breakfast just as she was finishing hers in company with Doctor Berrevoets and Doctor Peters, told her that young Grim shaw would keep an eye on the patients for the day and she was free to go to Ulla pool as soon as she wished.

    You Don't Take Names

  • "As I anticipated," he was telling Gomez and Jake as he prowled his tower office, "certain parties have passed along some cum shaw We picked up a few bonuses from folks who are pleased with the results of this investigation."

    Kahen no Ame

  • I dislike Clinton, but I'd carry her in a rick-shaw barefooted on a road of broken glass if she were the nominee and that's what it would take to get her to the White House.

    Gallup: Hillary Is Right About General Election -- Sort Of

  • People who vote for Hilary are the equivalent to those who drink 2 buck chuck (charles shaw wine).

    Hillary Pollster Mark Penn: Obama Has Become The "Establishment Candidate"


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