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  • v. To cause to fall by shooting.
  • v. To criticize a (request) to the point of preclusion.

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  • v. thwart the passage of
  • v. move quickly and violently
  • v. shoot at and force to come down


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  • It was a U.S.-initiated air-sea mission, with U.S. and British commandos on the ground as spotters and organizers for the ground troops of the Northern Alliance, which was really a local coalition; other nations offered grudging moral support or intelligence tips or a willingness not to shoot down our aircraft using their airspace.

    The Right Word in the Right Place at the Right Time

  • In the single biggest day of air combat, navy Phantoms shoot down eight MiCs and the air force claims three.

    On Yankee Station

  • In 1848, when the people of various German states demanded their liberty, it was an ultra-pious king of Prussia who sent his troops and shot them down -- precisely as Luther had advised to shoot down the peasants.

    The Profits of Religion: An Essay in Economic Interpretation

  • He had those boys of his in smart-looking uniforms, lined up at the wharf just as neat as you please, their muskets loaded and ready to shoot down the first Red who so much as took a step toward the shore.

    He Don't Know Him

  • Want to go on a duck shoot down in the marshes at the mouth of the Tagliamento?

    Hemingway on Hunting

  • The material was not available on the site, and as the makers do not carry their rubbish, it was puzzling to account for it all, until it was noticed that the junction of two boulders with an inclination towards each other formed a natural flume or shoot down which most of the material of the mound had been sent.

    The Confessions of a Beachcomber

  • “You folks going to let nigras shoot down a white man and get away with it?”

    City of Glory

  • MiG-17s shoot down two F-105s in the first conclusive air combat of the war.

    On Yankee Station

  • The North Vietnamese don't read the academic studies done in Washington or Honolulu and they don't undertand or respect the great straight and level strategic bombing prowess that many of our current leaders acquired in the 1940's; they don't know they are not supposed to shoot down standardized, headquarters-directed and stereotyped flights.

    Thud Ridge

  • "They'll shoot down anything we send up long before it can get that high."

    I Don’t Understand ?


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