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  • n. A beam of sunlight; a sunbeam
  • n. A beam of artificial light, especially one rich in ultraviolet
  • n. A herb, Enceliopsis nudicaulis, that has a broad, yellow flowerhead

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  • n. herb having a basal cluster of grey-green leaves and leafless stalks each with a solitary broad yellow flower head; desert areas Idaho to Arizona
  • n. a ray of artificial ultraviolet light from a sunray lamp
  • n. a ray of sunlight


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  • Interestingly they do seem to be hearing this from somewhere though. and the "sunray" hmmm I bet it's all those pesky seniors that are winding them up

    Army Rumour Service

  • On the back, it warns, "Avoid keeping under direct sunray," which goes for hearts, too, I'd say.

    Archive 2009-01-01

  • Home sweet home sugar land richland dripping springs of sweet water golden acres where sudan glen rose a sunray cross plain and blooming grove

    Giulia Nicolai

  • She heard a plane cross the sky and then the light blinked off and on, the sunlight, the sunray, an event she assembled through closed lids, and she knew the fog had finally lifted.


  • Far, far below in that dizzying space, she could see the sunray design of Central.


  • Prior Robert was close behind her when she saw the soles of Brother Columbanus's sandals upturned before her, just touched by the sunray from the window, while the rest of him lay still in shadow.

    A Morbid Taste For Bones

  • The narrow space of sky seen through the altar window changed from grey to pale, clear green, from green to saffron, from saffron to gold, a cloudless morning, the first sunray piercing through the slit and falling on the altar, the reliquary, the shrouded body, and then striking like a golden sword across the chapel, leaving Columbanus in darkness.

    A Morbid Taste For Bones

  • We've got a couple of sunray lamps, but they're not the same as being out on deck.

    On The Beach

  • I broke my thigh, and after it was set the hospital they used to point a sort-of lamp at it, a sunray lamp they called it, to tone up the muscles or something.

    A Town Like Alice

  • He is not, I grant you, heartening and cheering, and despite his consistently tragic view of human destiny he was sensitive to simple delights, and these are a sunray in the prevailing gloom.

    Thomas Hardy


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