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  • n. An abbreviation of value.


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  • If To = Reaumur val: = tot guicontrol,, res, \% val\% return

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  • '' '' 'Code in main. aspx.vb connection. open () while dr. read val = dr ( "column1") dim sqlquery = "select * from table1 where columnval ='"+val+"'" dim result as boolean = function. compareValue (sqlquery) if result = true then

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  • However, all the functions i create seem to point to the last function created. setq (ByRef var, val) {var = \% val\% myMsg (msg)

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  • The keyword val stands for value, and the word rec stands for recursive.

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  • The keyword val for value and allFiles are a string that pipelines (think of almost pushes into) a sequence of strings, which is a recursive listing of directories.

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  • ... my word val looks very fetchin in them wellies hehe Oh well it was nice while it lasted ... thanks emmedale web

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  • President Préval is supposed to address the nation today … (He was supposed to speak yesterday afternoon, then last night …) Hmmm, we’ll see.

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  • It has recently been reported that those with forms of the COMT genes, known as a val-val combination, are particularly at risk.

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  • Thousands feared that the land had an attack of the disease called val (fall) and that the soil would sink under the waves as portions of the realm had done before, in days long gone by.

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  • It uses a parameter called val for the typical value of force/moment.

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