from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.

  • adjective Occurring once a year or every year.
  • adverb Once a year; annually.
  • noun A publication issued once a year.

from The Century Dictionary.

  • Annual; happening, accruing, or coming every year: as, a yearly rent or income.
  • Lasting or continuing for a year: as, a yearly plant; a yearly tenant or tenancy.
  • Comprehending a year; accomplished in a year: as, the yearly circuit or revolution of the earth.
  • Annually; once a year: as, blessings yearly bestowed.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English.

  • adverb Annually; once a year to year.
  • adjective Happening, accruing, or coming every year; annual.
  • adjective Lasting a year.
  • adjective Accomplished in a year.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

  • adjective Happening once every year.
  • adverb Once a year.
  • adverb Every year.
  • noun Something that is published once a year.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • adverb without missing a year
  • noun a reference book that is published regularly once every year
  • adjective occurring or payable every year


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Middle English yeerly, yerely, from Old English ġēarlīc ("yearly, of the year, annual"), equivalent to year +‎ -ly. Cognate with Scots yerelie ("yearly"), West Frisian jierliks ("yearly"), Dutch jaarlijks ("yearly"), German jährlich ("yearly"), Swedish årlig ("yearly"), Icelandic árlegur ("yearly").



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