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  • adj. Of, pertaining to, or arising from disposition (in any sense)

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  • adj. Pertaining to disposition.

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  • Pertaining to disposition.


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disposition +‎ -al


  • (Philosophers sometimes use the term dispositional to refer to beliefs that are implicit in the present sense ” but this invites confusion with the occurrent-dispositional distinction discussed above


  • Kripke's argument is best approached by first considering what is often called a dispositional theory of linguistic meaning.


  • This image reflects a "dispositional" diagnosis of our problems, as social psychologists would call it: Our problem is the weak (lacking in will) disposition of people.

    Frances Moore Lappe: Our Words Are Killing Us

  • Lewis's own temperament leads him to want to vindicate moral discourse, and he thinks that this can be done by supporting a kind of dispositional theory of value.

    Moral Anti-Realism

  • We also fall prey to the fundamental attribution error, where we overvalue "dispositional" elements "She's bad at money" and undervalue

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  • The study looked at the personality traits, such as dispositional optimism and mastery, of 214 cancer patients who were undergoing chemotherapy, to see how they affect the patients 'ability to manage the severity of their cancer fatigue and pain.

  • She surveyed fifty-five widows one month after the death of their spouse and found that those who felt the lowest amount of stress possessed a personality trait called “dispositional resilience,” which was defined by three components: they remained connected to other people, rather than isolated; they felt that their grief was manageable and under control; and they embraced and learned from new experiences, rather than avoiding or feeling threatened by them.

    The Truth About Grief

  • As Bisconti and her colleagues pointed out in an article in 2007, dispositional resilience not only helps people rebuild but also creates an upward spiral effect by attracting friends and family members to their side, who in turn provide more social support.

    The Truth About Grief

  • Norsworthy, “Attentional focus, dispositional reinvestment and skilled motor performance under pressure,” Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology, 28 2006, 49–68.


  • The convergence zones whose dispositional representations can result in images when they fire back to early sensory cortices are located throughout the higher-order association cortices in occipital, temporal, parietal, and frontal regions, and in basal ganglia and limbic structures.

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