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  • n. Plural form of musicologist.


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  • But opera lovers live on bickering; and even Beverly, who tries to keep clear of the battle, will finally, if one keeps at her, reveal the Goddess Scorned: "I think some so-called musicologists are like men who talk constantly of sex and never do anything about it."

    Gorgeous Sills

  • These unidentified, so called "musicologists" would be hard pressed to fill Johnson or

    Strat-O-Blogster Guitar Gear Blog Site

  • (At least that was the case last time I tried it .. things may be getting better as they add more to the collection and their "musicologists" get smarter.)

    Sun Bloggers

  • The way it works is that every CD, and every track on every CD is rated by their "musicologists" according to a long list of parameters that attempt to define the piece's "musical DNA".

    Sun Bloggers

  • Pandora, founded in 2000 in Oakland, Calif., sprang from the Music Genome Project—an ambitious effort that employed professional musicians and musicologists to listen to thousands of songs and categorize them by a series of attributes like tempo and the quality of singers' voices.

    Pandora IPO Is High Note

  • So I'm guessing that my love of Brian Wilson (despite that music being transcendent, complex, sophisticated, and — the funniest phrase of the day — "susceptible to detailed theoretical analysis", as if musicologists haven't repeatedly demonstrated the possibility of theoretically analyzing anything vaguely musical to within an inch of its life), my aesthetic opinion that Pet Sounds is a masterpiece of Western music, brands me as having been brainwashed by corporate media.

    Small wonder

  • Among other things, it is hoped that the Dead Archive will galvanize a nascent group of scholars across many disciplines who, like Lieberman, study the Grateful Dead — not just musicologists but historians, sociologists, philosophers, psychologists, and even business and management theorists.

    Management Secrets of the Grateful Dead

  • How many musicologists look to recordings supervised by a composer?

    Susanne Mentzer: Musical New Year's Wish

  • "Usually, it's a note here or there or a missing dynamic indication, which will be weeded out by conductors, musicians, librarians or musicologists," says Mr. Orenstein, a Ravel scholar of 45 years and the author of "A Ravel Reader" 1990.

    Four Lost Measures Found

  • Now, one can't but think of mistakes that have been made over the years with the Gregorian chant: the attempt to keep it the private preserve of musicologists; the dominance of singers by a single master who believes that he knows the one true way; the perception that chant is only for monasteries but not parishes; and on and on.

    Guido the Innovator


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