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  • suffix Possessing; having the characteristics of; full of: cymose.
  • suffix Carbohydrate: fructose.
  • suffix Product of protein hydrolysis: proteose.

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  • suffix full of, like
  • suffix Used to form the names of sugars.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • suffix A suffix denoting full of, containing, having the qualities of, like; as in verbose, full of words; pilose, hairy; globose, like a globe.
  • suffix A suffix indicating that the substance to the name of which it is affixed is a member of the carbohydrate group

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • A suffix occurring in many English adjectives, formed, most of them in recent scientific use, from Latin or Middle Latin adjectives in -osus, as bellicose, globose, jocose, morose, otiose, pilose, verbose, etc. In the seventeenth century many adjectives before that date and since spelled with -ous were often spelled with -ose, probably not always with a different pronunciation, as ambitiose, gloriose, pompose, etc. Abstract nouns in -ity from adjectives in -ose or -ous take the form -osity, as globosity, jocosity, pomposity, etc.
  • In chem.:
  • A suffix designating members of the group of sugars, as glucose, lactose, maltose, etc.
  • A suffix showing that the substance is a primary decomposition-product of a proteid, as albumose, etc.
  • n. See -ous.


Middle English, variant of -ous, from Latin -ōsus.
French, from glucose, glucose; see glucose.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)
From Latin -osus (Wiktionary)
From glucose. (Wiktionary)


  • So anything with a sugar added to it usually sugar—they usually end in “-ose”—or a syrup in the first five ingredients should go too.

    You: On a Diet

  • Read the ingredients part of the label; if there is a sugar, syrup, or food ending in an “-ose” in the first five ingredients, avoid it like the plague to avoid the plague of obesity, heart disease, and cancer—it is that important.

    You: On a Diet

  • • Avoid simple sugars—they end in -ose, like glucose, sucrose, maltose, dextrose, etc. except ribose!

    You Being Beautiful

  • Avoid five aging foods: trans fats, saturated fats (aim for 0 and never more than 4 grams per serving), simple sugars (they end in -ose and include syrups, such as high-fructose corn syrup, rice syrup, molasses, or cane sugar), and any starch or grain with less than 100 percent whole grains.

    You Being Beautiful

  • Simple sugars those ending in -ose, like sucrose, glucose, maltose, and fructose or sugar alcohols that end in -ol

    You Staying Young


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