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  • proper n. A female given name.


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A diminutive of Dorothy used since early 19th century. Sometimes also short for Theodora or Isidora.


  • One year ago, and Uncle Nat would have started with delight at the mention of a place so fraught with remembrances of _Dora_, but Eugenia's last cruel letter had chilled his love, and now, when he thought of Dora, it was as one incapable of either affection or gratitude.

    Dora Deane

  • My son\'s innocence died Tuesday after he saw a redheaded woman named Dora getting doubly penetrated by two marines when I Google-image-searched the words \ "Dora\" and \ "explorer\" for him. Article Feed

  • The insurgents 'campaign in Dora is the first major incident of sectarian cleansing since the Baghdad security plan, a centerpiece of President Bush's strategy to win in Iraq, went into effect in mid-February and extra U.S. troops began arriving in Baghdad in an effort to retake the city from insurgents and militias.

    Archive 2007-05-01

  • Security consultant John Strauchs, working with a hacker who goes by the name Dora the Scada Explorer, created an exploit that targets prison systems and could potentially open doors on command or suppress alarms. News

  • Otherwise you would not know of what a small place Dora is ...

    Fly Fishing for White Bass in Missouri

  • Mt. Dora is usually a quiet, exhausted town some-more good well known for a bed as good as breakfasts than a crime rate.

    Mount Dora Florida, Terry Clayton shot and killed. Age 56 Ericka ...

  • My first trip to the OBGYN: While Dora is going to wait for sex, she does need to visit the OBGYN/midwife/Planned Parenthood so she can know what the hell is happening to her body and how she is in charge of her body.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • Viva la Feminista: The Slut-ification of Dora is now complete

    The Slut-ification of Dora is now complete

  • But it is also ironic that Mattel & Nick have moved Dora from the safety of rural Puerto Rico to San Juan?

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • I think Dora's 'Middle School' look could have stayed truer to what Dora is about and not gone so far with the girly accessories but "slut-ification"?

    The Slut-ification of Dora is now complete


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