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  • n. An angora cat.
  • n. An angora goat.
  • n. An angora rabbit.
  • n. The hair of angora rabbits or angora goats, used to make textiles.
  • n. The fabric made from the hair of angora rabbits or angora goats.


Ancient name of the city now known as Ankara in Turkey, which has given its name to several breeds of animal. From Ancient Greek ἄγκυρα (ankura, "anchor"). (Wiktionary)


  • To see a well taken care of angora is really something of beauty.

    Usavich – Imprisoned Rabbits

  • Where pretty girls in angora sweaters faced tough questions like whether or not to have a drink underage?

    One makes sense, the other doesn't.

  • And already the site of the house is undiscoverable, the location of the stone walls may be deduced from the configuration of the landscape, and I am renewing the battle, putting in angora goats to browse away the brush that has overrun Haska's clearing and choked Haska's apple trees to death.

    Chapter XXXVII

  • I also would like to have a Victorian home which houses my boutique, a huge yard for exotic animals to spin their fur into yarn, such as angora rabbits, one or two sheep, 1 goat for cashmere and rent out a llama. and my office number is 404 399-8703.

    Off The Hook AWE!Some Crochet Blog

  • The new range of inspired designs showcased will include a combination of lighting and furniture designs made of naturally soft and pliable materials such as hand-made felt, clay, and angora.

    New Furniture and Lighting by Ayala Serfaty for Aqua Creations

  • The sentimental mementos are fine to keep around the house, but the angora cardigans, boxy button-downs, and fit-and-flare dresses that haven't been worn in decades are hogging precious closet space.

    Amy Tara Koch: A Five-Minute Fix: The Fine Art of Purging Your Wardrobe

  • When I look back on the many Christmas presents my dad gave me over the years, I want to thank him for the baby dolls, the bicycle, the skates, the gold locket, the pearls, the angora sweaters, and my first wristwatch.

    Chicken Soup for the Soul: Thanks Dad

  • It's an ugly moniker, and one that once stuck, is like duct tape on angora.

    Look 'Pon The Devil's Brow...An Impossibility...

  • She favored khakis, tailored shirts, trousers and jackets, soft moccasin-like loafers and thick angora socks she knitted herself.

    A Salute to Women in Uniform

  • Tied very sparse with a light colored angora yarn and pink thread.

    Marabou Streamers for Fall Steelhead


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