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  • n. Plural form of aiguillette.


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  • Aside from deveining and cutting away the trouble spots, Gilles and Danie were deeming which livers were worthy of being preserved wholethe equivalent of grade Aand which should be used for pt, aiguillettes, galantine or magret slices wrapped around foie gras.

    The Foie Gras Wars

  • Michaela and I each filled four, with an additional one devoted to aiguillettes strips of back meat rolled with excess foie chunks like pigs in a blanket.

    The Foie Gras Wars

  • Commander-inchief of all these busbys, pelisses, and aiguillettes, which so fascinated the fair sex.

    Domestic Peace

  • The mute glittering ranks of veterans were full of bright contrasting colors, thanks to their different uniforms, weapons, accoutrements, and aiguillettes; and the whole great picture, that miniature battlefield before the combat, was framed by the majestic towering walls of the Tuileries, which officers and men seemed to rival in their immobility.

    A Woman of Thirty

  • I started with la salade de cèpes à l'ail aux aiguillettes de pintadeau tièdes.

    Archive 2007-01-01

  • "What they are doing, " a dragoon Major resplendent in aiguillettes and gold braid remarked, -is shooting at our sentries with six-pound shots.

    Sharpe's Havoc

  • He wore a plain dark-blue uniform with no badges of rank, but Pierre Ducos needed no gaudy chains or stars, no tassels or epaulettes or aiguillettes to signify his authority.

    Sharpe's Battle

  • A group of officers had appeared there, their aiguillettes and epaulettes a dark gold in the wintry light, and in their midst were the chasseur in his red pelisse, and the civilian in his black coat and white boots.

    Sharpe's Rifles

  • Price of gold thread, difficulty with one of the home workers, questions of aiguillettes, sword belts, sashes, grenades; hopes that the King would shortly issue a new order concerning officers 'uniforms.

    Love at Paddington

  • On these occasions he wore his dress uniform, cocked hat, aiguillettes, sabre and spurs.

    Memoirs of the Union's Three Great Civil War Generals


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  • “Legionnaires with aiguillettes, or braids, dangling from their starched uniforms pack bar stools next to scantily clad women from Brazilian cities like Macapá and Belém.�?

    The New York Times, Training Legionnaires to Fight (and Eat Rodents), by Simon Romero, November 30, 2008

    December 1, 2008

  • Not as tasty as andouillettes.

    October 14, 2008

  • You did! See aiguillette. :-)

    October 14, 2008

  • A brief Internet search reveals the definition as "thin strips of meat or flesh," but then I also found this, and this, which I really hope are not considered meat or fish.

    Edit: aiguillettes are the corded loops on some military uniforms. Who knew? (Not I.) Usage:

    "The most obvious difference, however, was that officers wore their gold aiguillettes on the right shoulder, and thus buttoned the kurtka across from left to right." (Ronald Pawly, Patrice Courcelle, Napoleon's Red Lancers, Osprey, 2003, p. 11)

    October 13, 2008

  • "'If a duck lack unction, it forfeits all rights to the name,' said Stephen. 'Yet here are some aiguillettes—what is the English for aiguillettes?—from the creature's inner flank that will go down well enough...'"

    —P. O'Brian, The Commodore, 160

    March 17, 2008