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  • abbr. authorization
  • v. To authorize.


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  • 'L_BANK_USER_POINTS' = ($auth-acl_get ( 'a_points') | | $auth - acl_get ( 'm_chg_bank'))? sprintf ($user-lang [ 'POINTS_MODIFY']): '',

  • 'S_LOCK_TOPIC_ALLOWED' = ($auth-acl_get ( 'm_lock', $forum_id) | | ($auth - acl_get ( 'f_user_lock', $forum_id) & & $user-data [ 'is_registered'] & &

  • 'U_POINTS_MODIFY' = ($auth-acl_get ( 'a_points') | | $auth - acl_get ( 'm_chg_points'))? append_sid ( "{$phpbb_root_path} points. $phpEx",

  • Before calling the auth method we need to make the database as the current database by calling use dbname from the mongo console. articles

  • I want to call my auth code only once so I'm calling it in my

    Site Root

  • I found out there's no event in the MasterPage so I'm trying to figure out where I need to call my auth code.

    Site Root

  • You can do a Man in the Middle attack in which a stolen Chip and Pin card thinks you are doing signature authentication - and doesn't bother with the Pin auth, while the bank thinks you are doing full pin auth, which is what will show up on your bank statement, after which the bank will assume you are lying when you said it wasn't you

    Planet Apache

  • So, if someone wants to switch, I have to delete the basic auth, which is just too much effort for the user.


  • Andy P - the only problem is that he did get his geography wrong about London, and he has just made a point about Berlin and then pumped some crappy line about left/right lib/auth which is exactly what the essay said.

    Someone doesn't know their Berlin

  • Since I have a technet windows licence I was able to use premium microsoft support and they told me the issue is likely eset using non encrypted basic http auth which is now hard blocked by IE8 for security reasons. can see here on this url it is not a https link.

    Wilders Security Forums


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