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  • adj. having no further concern with


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  • According to John Rea Thomas, then president of the Association of Mental Health Chaplains, Nighswonger complained that not only did he and his associate chaplain at the hospital, Herman Cook, do all the legwork finding the dying patients for the seminar, but that the patients were often upset afterward and that Nighswonger and Cook “would have to go back and put the pieces together after Kübler-Ross was done with them.”

    The Truth About Grief

  • Maybe I can just pronounce them married and be done with this mishegoss, Gold thought.

    Creative Couplings

  • At the same time, the Manned Spacecraft Center requested that the Flight Research Center prepare its two LLRVs for shipping to Houston as soon as the FRC engineers were done with them.

    First Man

  • The reconstructions were mainly done with tissue from the abdominal area, known as TRAM flaps.

    Study: Reconstruction safe right after mastectomy

  • Infamously, Crawford at a formal dinner ridiculed Monroe for not knowing which fork to use for which course—as Monroe herself might have done with someone else twenty years hence, had she lived.

    All The Available Light

  • Haig now proposed to launch it on inauguration day, as Kissinger had done with the Nixon system twelve years beforeand Brzezinski had done with Carters.

    In the Shadow of the Oval Office

  • Alexander made a pretext of letting the League of Corinth decide what was to be done with the ruins of Thebes, but it was only a show.

    Alexander the Great

  • As I had done with the name Sam—I had asked more than fifty staff members, students, and faculty if they knew the origin and meaning of the name Sam and only one person knew, meaning it was not common knowledge—I asked a cohort of people who actually knew something about angel lore if they had ever heard of an angel named Sophia.

    The Sacred Promise

  • What would you have done with this information, especially if you knew mediums like John Edward and Mary Occhino who, like Dr. Jackson, were convinced that angels were real?

    The Sacred Promise

  • That could have been done with a great deal less risk than flying the LLRV or LLTV.

    First Man


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