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  • n. Obsolete strong preterit of glide.


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  • "Veree glod," he said as the gardener had said before him, "Veree _glod_!

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  • Cold letters etched on stone in Ormoc's graveyard hill, the syllables gliding still all music and glod upon the tongue of memory.

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  • Swiþþun · æþelwold · Aidan · Biern of wincæstre · [Pau] lin of rofecæstre · S.  Dunston · ⁊ S. ælfeih of cantore · buri · þeos læ [rden] ure leodan on englisc · 15 næs deorc heore liht · ac hit fæire glod ·

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  • I tell 'ee both, that I'm glod the auld man has been caught out at last -- dom'd glod -- but ye'll sooffer eneaf wi'out any crowin' fra 'me, and I be not the mun to crow, nor be Tilly the lass, so I tell' ee flat.

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  • Mr Cerith Jones eto oedd y beirniad ac roedd yn uchel iawn ei glod i'r nifer da a gynigiodd.

  • The staff is worth 1,200 glod and the shop keeper of "The Fighting Chance" buys it for 1,200 gold.

  • Since this chao looks cool and is dark, it can win a hero race badge easy! this should trick the game into making a shadow chao but really a gold chao with shadow's hair as super sonic is a shadow colored glod with sonics belly, shoes, and face.


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  • Al-Islam website's Zakah calculation tools (an Islamic website directed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Da'wah and Guidance) to calculate Zakah for glod, but I got different outcomes!

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  • • The glod and sliver pops are fear and something interesting.

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