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  • n. A fabulous winged monster, ravenous and filthy, having the face of a woman and the body of a vulture.
  • n. A shrewish woman.
  • n. One who is rapacious or ravenous; an extortioner.
  • n. The European moor buzzard or marsh harrier (Circus aeruginosus).
  • n. A large and powerful double-crested, short-winged American eagle (Thrasaetus harpyia).


French harpie, Latin harpyia, from Ancient Greek root of "to snatch, to seize". Compare rapacious. (Wiktionary)



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  • Leanjawed harpy, hard woman at a bargain, her bonnet awry.
    Joyce, Ulysses, 6

    January 1, 2007