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  • n. One that hops.
  • n. A usually funnel-shaped container in which materials, such as grain or coal, are stored in readiness for dispensation.
  • n. A freight car with a door in the floor through which materials are unloaded.
  • n. A box in which a bill is placed pending formal introduction before a legislature.
  • n. Informal A place in which something is held in readiness: a studio with many potential blockbusters in the hopper.

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  • n. A temporary storage bin, filled from the top and emptied from the bottom, often funnel-shaped.
  • n. A funnel-shaped section at the top of a drainpipe used to collect water, from above, from one or more smaller drainpipes.
  • n. One who hops.
  • n. The immature form of a locust
  • n. An artificial fishing lure
  • n. An escapement lever in a piano; a grasshopper.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. One who, or that which, hops.
  • n. A chute, box, or receptacle, usually funnel-shaped with an opening at the lower part, for delivering or feeding any material, as to a machine; , into a car.
  • n. See Grasshopper, 2.
  • n. A game. See Hopscotch.
  • n.
  • n. See Grasshopper, and Frog hopper, Grape hopper, Leaf hopper, Tree hopper, under Frog, Grape, Leaf, and Tree.
  • n. The larva of a cheese fly.
  • n. A vessel for carrying waste, garbage, etc., out to sea, so constructed as to discharge its load by a mechanical contrivance; -- called also dumping scow.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. In geology, a hopper-shaped pit or depression in the land.
  • Having the form of an inverted pyramid: as, a hopper ship, the bottom of which consists of a series of hoppers: a type of vessel used on the Great Lakes for carrying bulk cargoes.
  • n. One who or that which hops.
  • n. Specifically — A cheese-hopper.
  • n. A butterfly: same as skipper
  • n. A grasshopper
  • n. A saltatorial homopterous insect; a cercopid, in a broad sense: as, a froghopper; a tree-hopper.
  • n. A saltatorial beetle; one of the Halticidœ.
  • n. A seal of the second year.
  • n. A wild swan.
  • n. plural A game in which the players hop or leap on one leg; hop-scotch.
  • n. A trough, usually shaped like an inverted cone, through which grain or anything to be ground or crushed passes into a mill: so called because at one time it had a hopping or shaking motion. It is now stationary, and leads the grain to the shaking-shoe.
  • n. A tray or basket in which a sower carries seed; a seed-basket.
  • n. A boat having a compartment with a movable bottom, to receive the mud or gravel from a dredging-machine and convey it to deep water, where, on opening the bottom, the mud or gravel falls out. Also called hopper-barge.
  • n. Same as hopper-car.
  • n. In a double-action pianoforte movement, a piece attached to the back of a key to raise the hammer.
  • n. Same as hoppet, 3.
  • n. A hop-picker.
  • n. In brewing, a vat in which the infusion of hops is prepared to be added to the wort.

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  • n. terrestrial plant-eating insect with hind legs adapted for leaping
  • n. funnel-shaped receptacle; contents pass by gravity into a receptacle below
  • n. (baseball) a hit that travels along the ground
  • n. someone who hops
  • n. a machine used for picking hops


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Sense 2, from the shaking or hopping motion of grain hoppers as grain passed through them to the mill.


  • I'd say that artificial foam hopper is closer to a fly than a 4 au natural bunny pike fly.

    Raising Hackles with Synthetic Fly Materials...

  • What's interesting about the mental hopper is that when something goes in there, I can usually figure out a way to make it happen (except sex at 14).

    Erica Bauermeister biography

  • What's interesting about the mental hopper is that when something goes in there, I can usually figure out a way to make it happen (except sex at 13).

    A Conversation with Erica Bauermeister

  • A pipe is placed just beneath the surface of the water, and this pipe leads to a pump on shore which sucks the berries into a metal box called a hopper.

    Unfinished Symphony

  • Then, we're off for Klah ... if I can find the settings on the D-hopper, that is.

    Myth-Nomers And Im-Pervections

  • Under the hopper were the ends of two inclined chutes extending out sidewise beyond the car -- one to the right and one to the left -- and over the slab molds on each side.

    Concrete Construction Methods and Costs

  • Taking advantage of this fact, the fruit-grower may jar them on sheets; or, in large orchards, into a large canvas hopper, which is wheeled from tree to tree upon a wheelbarrow-like frame, and under the apex of which is a tin can into which the insects roll.

    Manual of Gardening (Second Edition)

  • Oh, and they also will have the most lottery balls in next year's hopper, which is shaping up to be one of the worst drafts in recent history; maybe they'll wind up with Blake Griffin, who looks like another meh pro to me.

    Five Tool Tool - The Sports Blog That Loves You Back

  • Thrown into the hopper was a bill proposing a new tax on stock and derivatives transactions by Sen. Tom Harkin, an Iowa Democrat, and Rep. Peter DeFazio, a Democrat from Oregon.


  • _May_ to the end of _August_: it is a brownish Flie, and stands alwayes with his head towards the root of the tree, very easie to be found: The small black Flie is to be had one evry Hawthorn Bush, after the buds be come forth: Your Grasse-hopper, which is green, is to be had in any Medow of Grasse in _June_ or _July_: with these Flies, you must Angle with such a Rod as you Angle with the ground Bait; the Line must not be so long as the Rod: with drawing your flie, as you finde convenient in your Angling.

    The Art of Angling Wherein are discovered many rare secrets, very necessary to be knowne by all that delight in that recreation


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  • Name of the offspring of Sean Penn and Robin Wright.

    March 8, 2008

  • That which hops, or:

    5. a funnel-shaped chamber or bin in which loose material, as grain or coal, is stored temporarily, being filled through the top and dispensed through the bottom.

    July 21, 2007