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  • n. The terminal portion of the small intestine extending from the jejunum to the cecum.

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  • n. The last, and usually the longest, division of the small intestine; the part between the jejunum and large intestine.

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  • n. The last, and usually the longest, division of the small intestine; the part between the jejunum and large intestine.
  • n. See Ilium.

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  • n. In anatomy, the lower one of three parts into which the small intestine is divisible, continuous with the jejunum and ending in the large intestine: more fully called intestinum ileum, from its many coils or convolutions.
  • n. Hence, in general, the lower part, of indeterminate extent, of the small intestine; or, when there is no distinction between large and small intestine, a part of the intestine preceding the cæcum or the cæca.
  • n. In entomology, a narrow part of the intestine of an insect, generally adjoining the ventriculus or stomach, and divided from the broader colon or second intestine by a constriction or valve.

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  • n. the part of the small intestine between the jejunum and the cecum


Late Latin īleum, groin, flank, variant of Latin īlia.
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  • The ileum is shorter, there is no sacculus rotundus, and the large intestine has no caecum, none of the characteristic sacculations of the rabbit's colon, and does not loop back to the stomach before the rectum section commences.

    Text Book of Biology, Part 1: Vertebrata

  • The ileum is the lower part of the small intestine.

    Hungry? Your Stomach Really Does Have a Mind of Its Own

  • Okay - the Crohn's was affecting my terminal ileum, that is where the small intestine meets the large intestine.

    badbadzoot Diary Entry

  • Again, the muscle cuts, where there is virtually no risk of BSE, the materials, the brain, spinal cord, distal ileum, which is where the BSE agent resides, those materials did not enter the food supply.

    CNN Transcript Dec 23, 2003

  • The ileal interposition procedure involves relocating a short portion of the small intestine known as the ileum further forward in the intestinal tract.


  • Any part of the digestive tract can be affected by Crohn's disease, but most often it affects the ileum, which is part of the small intestine.

    eHow - Health How To's

  • Diverted enzymes join the ingested food only in the distal small intestine, otherwise known as the ileum

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  • It usually occurs in the lower part of the small intestine called the ileum, but can affect any part of the digestive tract.


  • Next in the list is the 'ileum'; but it is difficult to say where the jejunum terminates and the ileum commences, except that the latter is usually one-fifth longer than the former.

    The Dog

  • While his detractors were explaining that “the most striking and consistent endoscopic feature, lymphoid nodular hyperplasia in the terminal ileum, is not unusual in children,” Wakefield was trotting out what had become a standard response of vaccine denialists to accusations of unreliable or inaccurate data: He condemned his critics for caring more about their standing in the scientific community than about sick children.

    The Panic Virus


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