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  • n. A state of arrested development in an adult, characterized by retention of infantile mentality, accompanied by stunted growth and sexual immaturity, and often by dwarfism.
  • n. Marked immaturity, as in behavior or character: "infantilism, which is the subtext of so much American cinema and culture” ( John Simon).
  • n. An infantile act or remark.

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  • n. An emotional dependency on being treated as an infant.
  • n. A sexual dependency on the sight or feeling of diapers, or being diapered.

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  • n. Arrested or retrogressive development; the persistence or recurrence in the adult of those characteristics which are normal, but transient, in the child.

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  • n. infantile behavior in mature persons
  • n. an abnormal condition in which an older child or adult retains infantile characteristics


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See infant.


  • Japanese infantilism is so heavily sexualized it would make Americans ... well, hysterical.


  • Poetic feeling does not derive simply from the expression of the emotions nevertheless unbridled egotism, a form of infantilism, is difficult to avoid in the early stages of writing.

    Nobel Lecture - Literature 2000

  • To top the charts at 93 is quite something, and especially for an uncompromising scholar who attributes rock'n'roll to "infantilism".

    In praise of … Eric Hobsbawm | Editorial

  • If his gigantism is undeniable and unignorable, his badness is, inevitably, subject to debate: hardly his badness as a man, which, though softened by Donald's use of psychological terms like 'secondary narcissism,' is unmatched in its purity of self-absorption and ruthless egotism (one of the longest index entries under his name is 'infantilism'), but his badness as a writer.

    Big Bad Wolfe?

  • They dismiss it as a bit of leftist deviation, or "infantilism".

    The Role of Free China in the Free World

  • Writer defends Doctor Who from Stephen Fry's charges of 'infantilism' news, business, sport, the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Sunday Telegraph

  • Let's give the three possible reasons the generic name of "infantilism". - Frontpage RSS Feed

  • The term 'infantilism' has such a broad range that those who practice even a mild form of it, although keeping to themselves, seem to get a very negative reaction.

    Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions

  • "infantilism" of much of the British television industry.

    The Latest From

  • The brand image it generates is of something cheap and disposable, shallow and callow, prone to formulation, infantilism and the all-round naffness of any compensatory fantasy.

    Archive 2009-03-01


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  • man, does that author not know about the rest of the Jackson family.

    July 8, 2009

  • "Does any of this explain the star's infantilism? Jackson did not have a sweet childlike nature, living in a perpetual Wendy world. Far from it. The evidence at his trial showed that he was a caricature of the cynical, calculated and predatory adult, soaked in booze and drugs, constantly conniving to manipulate children into a coercive environment where he could exploit them as he wished without bearing the consequences."

    - Robert Kaplan, A talent for lies and abuse,, 8 July 2009.

    July 8, 2009