from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • n. An inner or interior part.
  • n. Inward character, perceptions, or feelings: felt good on the inside about volunteering to help.
  • n. An inner side or surface.
  • n. The part away from the edge; the middle part.
  • n. Informal The inner organs; entrails.
  • n. Informal The inner parts or workings: the insides of a TV set.
  • n. Slang Confidential or secret information.
  • adj. Inner; interior.
  • adj. Relating to, known to, or coming from an exclusive group: inside information; an inside joke.
  • adj. Baseball Passing on the side of home plate nearer the batter. Used of a pitch.
  • adv. Into or in the interior; within.
  • adv. On the inner side.
  • adv. Slang In prison.
  • prep. Within: We'll be there inside an hour.
  • prep. On the inner side or part of: inside the package.
  • prep. Into the interior of: going inside the house.
  • idiom inside out With the inner surface turned out; reversed: wore the sweatshirt inside out.
  • idiom inside out Informal As completely as possible; thoroughly: knew the city inside out.
  • idiom on the inside In a position of confidence or influence.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

  • n. The interior or inner part.
  • n. The side of a curved road, racetrack etc. that has the shorter arc length; the side of a racetrack nearer the interior of the course or some other point of reference.
  • n. (in the plural) The interior organs of the body, especially the guts.
  • n. A passenger within a coach or carriage, as distinguished from one upon the outside.
  • prep. Within the interior of something, closest to the center or to a specific point of reference.
  • adv. Within or towards the interior of something, especially a building.
  • adv. In prison.
  • adj. Originating from or arranged by someone inside an organisation.
  • adj. A pitch that is toward the batter as it crosses home plate.
  • adj. Nearer to the interior of a running track, horse racing course etc.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Being within; included or inclosed in anything; contained; interior; internal
  • adj. Adapted to the interior.
  • adv. Within the sides of; in the interior; contained within
  • n. The part within; interior or internal portion; content.
  • n. The inward parts; entrails; bowels; hence, that which is within; private thoughts and feelings.
  • n. An inside passenger of a coach or carriage, as distinguished from one upon the outside.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The inner side or part; the interior, as opposed to the outside or exterior: as, the inside of the hand; the inside of a house; the inside of a newspaper.
  • n. plural Interior parts or appurtenances; things within.
  • n. An inside passenger in a vehicle.
  • Being on the inside; inner; interior; internal: as, an inside view; an inside seat in a coach.
  • Of space: To, into, or in the interior; within.
  • Of time or space: Within the limit: followed by of.
  • In the interior of; within: as, inside the circle; inside the letter.
  • n. In field hockey, the position between the center and the wings.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • adv. in reality
  • adj. being or applying to the inside of a building
  • adv. within a building
  • n. the region that is inside of something
  • adv. with respect to private feelings
  • adj. confined to an exclusive group
  • adv. on the inside
  • adj. relating to or being on the side closer to the center or within a defined space
  • adj. away from the outer edge
  • n. the inner or enclosed surface of something


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  • Oh no, inside, instead, (_to Argyrippus, as she goes back inside_) Come along with me, darling.

    Amphitryo, Asinaria, Aulularia, Bacchides, Captivi Amphitryon, The Comedy of Asses, The Pot of Gold, The Two Bacchises, The Captives

  • "He could have locked the door after him on the outside, not on the inside; but when we came in here, _it was locked on the inside_.

    Through the Wall

  • Because his sentence exceeds 10 years, I don't think he will have the privilege of serving his term inside a minimum-security federal prison camp. News

  • As expected, they were wary of his term inside the Obama administration, and objected to his support for civil unions and embrace of evolution and climate change.


  • It had a label inside saying 'Stradivarius' and a crack down its back.

    Analog Gateways From a Digital Age

  • A freshly starched shirt, a tight collar, or the label inside an undershirt can cause significant discomfort or distraction.

    It's So Much Work to Be Your Friend

  • Now the sweet roses are thrown down at the threshold, and still another ghost of the rose keeps questioning after me — Who can it be now, who carries his name inside her?

    where you had me

  • The strong, the alert, we have all been quenched now, and the sweet roses bless us by being thrown down at the threshold, and still another ghost of the rose keeps questioning after me — Who can it be now, who carries his name inside her?

    holy the valley

  • But when Murdoch passed the word inside News Corp. that he was planning to endorse Obama, Ailes threatened to quit.


  • We ran to the water, crawled under the house, and shouted his name inside and out.



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