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  • adj. of pink tinged with lavender


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  • It grows 8 to 10 feet tall and has tiny lavender-pink flowers with purple to magenta berries that persist until December.

    Knowing when to prune is crucial for dependable flower blossoms

  • It blooms in the summer with lavender-pink flowers.

    Rescuing Sprite

  • Five minutes later, after completing their stretching exercises, Irene and Barbara set off down the jogging trail that wound through the shining lavender-pink iceplant carpeting the long curve of the downtown shoreline park.

    The Girls He Adored

  • The lavender-pink penis reared up from its nest of black hair, balls wobbling beneath it.


  • I want to stand up for the few genuinely weird, stylist-defying choices: Cate Blanchett's two-dimensional-looking sculptural lavender-pink number, which could have passed as one of those freestanding boards with a cutout head where you get your picture taken at a carnival.

    Slate Magazine

  • From the Cattleya bowringiana parent comes the lavender-pink color. Stories

  • C. scouleri grows into a mound of bright-green foliage sporting a generous measure of tiny lavender-pink flowers.

    The Seattle Times

  • Groundsel bush or Baccharis enlivens the roadway with clouds of white flowers, and Muhly grass provides an unexpected plume of lavender-pink in the medians.

    Local News from Tuscaloosa News

  • The face structure and the expressions even suited the personalities, with Soranik’s short, brusque blood-red face contrasted with Iolande’s smooth, long lavender-pink face.

    Just Past the Horizon: Positively Depressing Sometimes

  • "She was a lovely picture as she came across the silver moss carpet, you know that gray green, Douglas, her face flushed, her eyes wet, her arms full of those perfectly beautiful, lavender-pink fringed orchids.

    Michael O'Halloran


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