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  • v. To abandon.
  • v. To forget about.
  • v. To not live longer than; to be survived by.
  • v. To leave a trace of something.
  • v. To outdo; to progress faster than someone or something else.
  • v. To pass.

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  • v. be survived by after one's death
  • v. leave unchanged or undisturbed or refrain from taking
  • v. depart and not take along


leave +‎ behind (Wiktionary)


  • But in Kowloon Walled City, it was almost all Chinese, rich and raggedy, poor and powerful, everyone different, but we all had this in common: We had been strong, we had been weak, we had been desperate enough to leave behind our motherland and families.

    The Bonesetter's Daughter

  • Isn't it curious that two "town-drunkards" and one half-breed loafer should leave behind them, in a remote Missourian village, a fame a hundred times greater and several hundred times more particularized in the matter of definite facts than Shakespeare left behind him in the village where he had lived the half of his lifetime?

    Is Shakespeare Dead?

  • It made Spider nervous to leave behind the security of the bunker, but Sarge was right about the fire base being underdefended.


  • High winds and heavy seas running against the strong tide of the Pentland Firth obliged Warrender to leave behind at Scapa all of the destroyers normally assigned to his battle squadron.

    Castles of Steel

  • The southeastern Pacific, it was implied, would be added to his theater of operations, but, simultaneously, he was to leave behind in the Atlantic sufficient ships to deal with Dresden and Karlsruhe.

    Castles of Steel

  • I have this day given him for Some goods remaining of of [sic] your Guinea Cargo which both he and I thought most Adviseable to leave behind him what I Shall be able to with them I dont

    Letter from Robert Carter to John Pemberton and Company, December 19, 1727, and February 21, 1728

  • This process will ultimately simplify your life as it enables you to leave behind the merry-go-round of problem-causing choices most people are dependent on.

    The Truth About Beauty

  • There they disem­barked from their cumbersome vehicles, Tourmast in par­ticular bemoaning the need to leave behind the heavy weapons that were mounted on the skid.

    The False Mirror

  • I observed but two points in planning my departure -- speed, secrecy: to secure these, I had to leave behind me everything I possessed except a small parcel; which, in my hurry and trouble of mind, I forgot to take out of the coach that brought me to Whitcross.

    Jane Eyre: an autobiography, Vol. II.

  • Fallaji would leave behind the mighty war machine unguarded, the engine that Mishra had brought to Kroog as a demonstration of his abilities.

    The Brothers' War


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