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  • transitive v. To examine or go over carefully for needed repairs.
  • transitive v. To dismantle in order to make repairs.
  • transitive v. Nautical To slacken (a line) or to release and separate the blocks of (a tackle).
  • transitive v. To make extensive renovations or revisions on; renovate: proposals to overhaul the health care system.
  • transitive v. To catch up with; overtake.
  • n. An act of overhauling.
  • n. A repair job.

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  • n. A major repair, remake, renovation, or revision.
  • n. the process after the fire appears extinguished in which the firefighters search the structure for signs of hot spots that may cause the structure to reignite. Often this includes the process of salvage under the blanket term, salvage and overhaul.
  • v. To modernize, repair, renovate, or revise completely.
  • v. To pass, overtake, or travel past.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. A strict examination with a view to correction or repairs.
  • n. A major repair or a revision for the purpose of improvement.
  • transitive v. To haul or drag over; hence, to turn over for examination; to inspect; to examine thoroughly with a view to corrections or repairs.
  • transitive v. To gain upon in a chase; to overtake.
  • transitive v. To repair thoroughly; to make repairs on; -- usually implying major repairs and perhaps modifying improvements.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • To turn over for examination; examine thoroughly with a view to repairs.
  • To reëxamine, as accounts.
  • To gain upon; make up with; overtake.
  • To search a ship for contraband goods.
  • n. Examination; inspection; repair.

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  • v. make repairs, renovations, revisions or adjustments to
  • n. the act of improving by renewing and restoring
  • v. travel past
  • n. periodic maintenance on a car or machine


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

over- +‎ haul.


  • For all of what he describes as the overhaul's strengths - particularly the limits placed on banks 'trading activities - he still feels that the legislation doesn't go far enough in curbing potentially problematic bank activities like investing in hedge funds.

    NYT > Home Page

  • We know the reason we need this "financial regulation overhaul" is because the republican belief that big business (in this case "banking" among others) cannot be trusted to be ethical and forthright. a belief fosterd by Reagan, Bush 1 and bush 2, all of which had some sort of monetary crisis during their terms and or left them for someone else to clean up!

    Senate to vote again on financial regulation overhaul

  • Election Day in Photos Reuters More interactive graphics and photos The most likely vehicle for changes to the financial overhaul is a "corrections bill" expected next year.

    Reprieve for Wall Street Is Expected to Be Limited

  • I'm really trying to figure out what this whole overhaul is going to mean.

    Youth Radio -- Youth Media International: Mom, Will You Take Me Back On Your Insurance?

  • President Nicolas Sarkozy has refused to give in to growing public pressure, insisting that the pension overhaul is needed to prevent the system from going broke.

    French Unions Announce More Strikes

  • Why do some people fight against healthcare overhaul is it because the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries product demand is primarily driven by the willingness of insures to pay for new medical treatments? again is it ethical when these same guys buy out generic companies not to release their affordable products in the market?.

    Health care overhaul clears split Senate committee

  • OK, when a Republican says things like "Healthcare overhaul is needed" or "the current system is unacceptable" what they mean is "We're making too much money by keeping things the way they are and we don't plan to change anything."

    GOP ratchets up health care reform debate

  • It's not that I don't agree that overhaul is needed, it's just too broad an issue.

    Democrats fear Obama health plan 'on the rocks'

  • Financial overhaul is geared toward big institutions with expensive internal controls.

    Too Small to Fail

  • A major overhaul is needed and that's what Obama's trying to do.

    New estimate puts health-care pricetag at $611 billion


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  • The captain stood on the quarterdeck,/The ice was in his eye;/"Overhaul, overhaul! Let your gibsheets fall,/And you'll put your boats to sea, brave boys..." -- "Greenland Whale Fisheries," traditional, arr. the Pogues, c. 1985

    February 6, 2007