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  • n. A native or inhabitant of a mountainous area.
  • n. One who climbs mountains for sport.
  • intransitive v. To climb mountains for sport.

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  • n. someone who climbs mountains for sport or pleasure
  • n. someone who lives in a mountainous area

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. An inhabitant of a mountain; one who lives among mountains.
  • n. A rude, fierce person.
  • n. A person who climbs mountains for sport.
  • intransitive v. To live or act as a mountaineer; to climb mountains.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • To assume or practise the habits of a mountaineer; climb mountains: seldom used except in the present participle or the participial adjective.
  • n. An inhabitant of a mountainous district; hence, a person regarded as uncouth or barbarous.
  • n. A climber of mountains: as, he has distinguished himself as a mountaineer.

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  • n. someone who climbs mountains
  • v. climb mountains for pleasure as a sport


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mountain +‎ -eer


  • Kalpana Das, who became the first mountaineer from the state to scale Mt. Everest, fell ill on her way back to base camp and developed joint pain, itching, respiratory problems and pre-paralytic symptoms. posted by 24/7 News Network @ 12: 56 AM

    Orissa Govt. to bear Kalpana Das' Medical Expenses, announces Rs. 5 lakh Cash Reward

  • I suppose that every mountaineer is partly an idealist, otherwise why should he get up at three o'clock in the morning and be cold and wet and tired and hungry and frightened by turns, and then come back and say he had a marvellous day.

    Invisible Success Story

  • There are people all over the United States to whom the mere mention of the word mountaineer evokes a fantastic picture -- a whiskey-soaked ruffian with bloodshot eyes and tobacco-stained beard, wide-brimmed felt cocked over a half-cynical eye, finger on the trigger of a long-barreled squirrel rifle.

    Blue Ridge Country

  • Even when the home of the mountaineer was a one - or two-room cabin, accommodations for any stranger could be provided, and if he wished to remain, work could be found for him.

    Sergeant York And His People

  • Men clad in goat-skin coats peered down at us from time to time from crags that looked inaccessible, shouting now and then curt recognition before leaning again on a modern rifle to resume the ancient vigil of the mountaineer, which is beyond the understanding of the plains-man because it includes attention to all the falling water voices, and the whispering of heights and deeps.

    The Eye of Zeitoon

  • The mountaineer was a devil, the foreman said, and I had to club him with a pistol-butt before he would give in.

    Hell fer Sartain and Other Stories

  • He saw, too, that the mountaineer was a fine horseman, and as he carried a long slender-barreled rifle over his shoulder, while a double-barreled pistol was thrust in his belt, it was likely that he would prove a formidable enemy to any who sought to stop him.

    The Guns of Shiloh A Story of the Great Western Campaign

  • But many have spoken of an exhilaration of spirits not inferior to that of the mountaineer, which is experienced, and without fatigue, in sky voyages reasonably indulged in -- of a light-heartedness, a glow of health, a sharpened appetite, and the keen enjoyment of mere existence.

    The Dominion of the Air; the story of aerial navigation

  • The mountaineer is his own manufacturer, tailor, shoemaker, and butcher; and, fully accoutered and supplied with ammunition in a good game country, he can always feed and clothe himself, and enjoy all the comforts his situation affords.


  • "We of the mountains do not call a mountaineer 'a robber, 'signor."



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