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  • n. One who travels or has traveled, as to distant places.
  • n. Chiefly British A traveling salesperson.
  • n. Chiefly British A member of any of various groups of traditionally itinerate people living especially in Scotland and Ireland.
  • n. Nautical A metal ring that moves freely back and forth on a rope, rod, or spar.
  • n. Nautical The rope, rod, or spar on which such a ring moves.

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  • n. Alternative form of traveller.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. One who travels; one who has traveled much.
  • n. A commercial agent who travels for the purpose of receiving orders for merchants, making collections, etc.
  • n. A traveling crane. See under Crane.
  • n. The metal loop which travels around the ring surrounding the bobbin, in a ring spinner.
  • n. An iron encircling a rope, bar, spar, or the like, and sliding thereon.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A toiler; laborer; worker.
  • n. One who or that which travels in any way; one who makes a journey, or who is on his way from place to place; a wayfarer; one who or that which gets over the ground: as, his horse is a good traveler.
  • n. One who journeys to foreign hinds; one who visits strange countries and people.
  • n. A person who travels for a mercantile firm to solicit orders for goods, collect accounts, and the like. Also called commercial traveler, and formerly rider.
  • n. Same as swagman, 2.
  • n. That which travels or traverses.

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  • n. a person who changes location


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

travel +‎ -er


  • ˜traveler™ signifies by imposition the human being who is a traveler, but also represents the road the traveler travels on.

    Mental Representation in Medieval Philosophy

  • Now, if it ` s writings to entice someone or there ` s kiddie porn involved, that ` s what the FBI usually goes after, what they call a traveler, someone who will travel to get a minor or have the minor travel to them.

    CNN Transcript Oct 5, 2006

  • Stephanie my little world traveler is off to the big Italy tomorrow-can you believe she isnt going to be here this week to listen to all my complaining, I wonder if Drew will listen????

    Archive 2009-08-01

  • Other readers may offer a different perspective, provide more information or suggest alternatives, but in the end the traveler is going to do what makes them feel more comfortable, or avoid what makes them uncomfortable or anxious.

    Best way to bypass (avoid) Monclova

  • The traveler is comparatively disadvantaged and needs to compensate by asking the locals about current conditions.

    Safety in Michoacan

  • They are probably doing us all a favor because the last thing you want to do, fellow traveler, is run over an indian or his/her children or drunk uncle in an indian village in Chiapas ruled by local indian law.

    There May be Hope

  • Ravel the time traveler from the final and post-organic era of time travel is the coolest of robots.

    MIND MELD: What Are The Coolest Robots in Science Fiction?

  • Under the new rules, a short-term traveler must meet 12 stringent criteria that impose unnecessary burdens on HIV-positive travelers and continue to stigmatize those living with HIV. - Gay OnLine Community for Entertainment and Daily News

  • I've learned online that the Flying Pig backpacker's hostel allows long term traveler's to stay at the hostel and work for board. TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at

  • Capital One is often known as the traveler's credit card because they are one of the few major banks left that does not charge any fees, although claims have been made they make it up with a slightly less favorable foreign currency rate.



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