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  • n. seven-stringed classical Chinese zither that does not have a bridge, sometimes referred to as guqin where gu stands for ancient.


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  • On other floors, a fourth-grade class took an English spelling test while a group of seventh-graders practiced playing the Chinese yue qin guitar and the zither-like guzheng in a music class.

    Growing Diversity Fuels Chinese School

  • This must go beyond old Cold War concepts of fan-Hua or qin-Hua that is, of either being anti-China or pro-China.

    A New Sinology

  • “Shang shi wen Dao, qin er xi zhi” pronounced shahng shr wun dow, cheen ur shee jr means the serious Xiu Lian practitioner who hears about Tao, The Way, or the truth, will do serious practice actively, continuously, and persistently.

    Tao II

  • Farewell My Concubine: I'm a big fan of Kaige Chen's 1998 film, The Emperor and the Assassin (or "Jing ke ci qin wang"), which is an incredible epic about the founding of the Qin dynasty, the first time in history China was united as one country.

    Archive 2007-07-01

  • However, since they do not, in fact, use any term interpretable as expressing an explicit concept of experience, we should stick closely to their terminology and characterize “personal knowledge” (qin zhi, B70) as knowledge by observation (guan).

    Mohist Canons

  • "Shi qi shi ji Riben ren zhi Taiwan qin lüe xing dong" 十七世紀日本人之臺灣侵略行動.

    How Taiwan Became Chinese

  • Note 63: Iwao Seiichi, "Shi qi shi ji Riben ren zhi Taiwan qin lüe xing dong," 十七世紀日本人之臺灣侵略行動, Taiwan yanjiu congkan 臺灣研究叢刊 71 (1959): 1 – 23. back

    How Taiwan Became Chinese

  • Jing ke ci qin wang better known as The Emperor and the Assassin - I like Chen Kaige's eye almost as much as I like his writing (Temptress Moon, Farewell My Concubine).

    weekend films

  • It can be treated with a homemade diet that includes freshly grated raw vegetables and the supplements mentioned earlier (see pages 28-30) and also a small amount of the liver-cleansing Chinese herb baical scullcap or huang qin (1/8 teaspoon a day for cats and 3/4 teaspoon for a 50-pound dog).

    The Last Chance Dog

  • It was a clear, warm night, with a full moon—a classic setting for listening to the qin.

    Wild Swans


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  • Chambers 2008 defines "qin" (note the lowercase q) as a Chinese seven-stringed musical instrument. Once this word comes into use for Scrabble, this will immediately become a very frequently used word, second only to "qi", and overtaking "qat" in frequency of use.

    A variant spelling is "guqin", also in Chambers 2008.

    July 20, 2009