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  • And so it was that five days after the funeral, clad in a black suit, I went into what I will now refer to as the Gordon R.

    Kitchen Privileges

  • These two authorities, as well as Sir William Blackstone, refer to the favourable results which followed the abolition of capital punishment in Russia by the Empress Elizabeth and the continuance of the same policy by her successor, Catherine III.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 12: Philip II-Reuss

  • During the spinal tap, or lumbar puncture, a terrible medical mishap occurred: the lumbar puncture was made into what physicians refer to as the danger zone—the cauda equina—a group of nerve roots that send and receive messages to and from the lower abdominal organs and down into the legs.

    The Autoimmune Epidemic

  • When we refer to people as Hedonists, Fatalists, or Holists, we are using shorthand to refer to people who are high on these three dimensions.

    The Time Paradox

  • Residents and environmental scientists from the University at Buffalo believe that several chemical-laden landfill dumps and the Buffalo Crushed Stone Quarry, which surround the neighborhood in what some refer to as a “toxic triangle,” are predisposing Cheektowaga residents to autoimmune illnesses.

    The Autoimmune Epidemic

  • As consumers begin to demand more options for difficult-to-treat autoimmune diseases, biotech companies are increasingly turning toward what industry and consumers refer to as “nutraceuticals”—supplements that they hope will compete with prescription drugs.

    The Autoimmune Epidemic

  • Al Shoshannim in Pss. xlv and lxix (xliv and lxviii), Shushan-eduth in Ps. lx (lix), Shoshannim-eduth in Ps. lxxx (lxxix) seem to refer to the opening of the same song, "Lilies" or "Lilies of testimony".

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 12: Philip II-Reuss

  • Rescripts of favour ordinarily admit a broad interpretation; the exceptions are when they are injurious to others, refer to the obtaining of ecclesiastical benefices, or are contrary to common law.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 12: Philip II-Reuss

  • Telecasts of the WSOP from that era often refer to the excitement of the crowd, but that excitement was often fueled less by sentiment than by big bets they had riding on particular players.

    One of a Kind

  • The words "libera animas ... de poenis inferni et de profundo lacu" may be easily understood to refer to purgatory, or, like those that follow ...

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 12: Philip II-Reuss


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