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  • n. A large vertical pipe into which water is pumped in order to produce a desired pressure.

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  • n. A vertical pipe into which water is pumped so that a desired pressure is available at the bottom.
  • n. The water supply of a building for the use of firefighters.

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  • n. A vertical pipe, open at the top, between a hydrant and a reservoir, to equalize the flow of water; also, a large vertical pipe, near a pumping engine, into which water is forced up, so as to give it sufficient head to rise to the required level at a distance.
  • n. A supply pipe of sufficient elevation to enable the water to flow into the boiler, notwithstanding the pressure of the steam.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A vertical pipe erected at a well or reservoir, into which water is forced by mechanical means in order to obtain a head-pressure sufficient to convey it to a distance.
  • n. A small pipe inserted into an opening in a water-main.
  • n. An upright gas-pipe connecting the retort and the hydraulic main.
  • n. In a steam-engine, a boiler supply-pipe elevated enough to cause water to flow into the boiler in spite of the pressure of steam.
  • n. A pipe on the eduction-pipe of a steam-pump to absorb the concussions due to the pulsation and irregularities caused by the necessary use of bends and changes in the direction of pipes.
  • n. An upright pipe, open at the top, used in connection with a hot-water heating system to allow room for the expansion of the water when heated; an expansion-pipe.
  • n. A portable pipe used to afford a high head of water at fires.
  • n. A fixed vertical pipe for furnishing water to the upper part of a high building in case of fire. The stand-pipe may be connected to a high-pressure water-main or may be dependent on a hose from a fire-engine for its supply.

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  • n. a vertical pipe


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  • Prosecutors say the men knew about, failed to fix and even covered up a break in a crucial firefighting water conduit, called a standpipe, and that was a critical factor in the firefighters 'deaths.

    Ruling Expected In Deutsche Bank Fire Case

  • The disabled pipe, called a standpipe, cost firefighters critical time in getting water on the flames, playing a crucial role in creating the smoky inferno that ultimately killed firefighters Robert Beddia and

    The Seattle Times

  • There are photos of the old water tower known as the standpipe, a Sheffield landmark.

    Local News from TimesDaily

  • Another segment of the trail runs from the trail head to the city's historic standpipe, which is near the Tennessee River.

    Local News from TimesDaily

  • The report describes the importance of dispatchers and fire fire crews having electronic access to location of the "standpipe" - Home Page

  • His attorney, Susan Hoffinger , told State Supreme Court Judge Rena Uviller , that the cutting of the standpipe was "accidental" and was a "red herring."

    Contractors Claim 'Scapegoating'

  • Mr. DePaola's attorney said his client was a union worker hired to be an abatement supervisor who was fired three months before the fire broke out – but not before being rewarded for managing the clean up of the tower's building where the breach in the standpipe was located.

    Contractors Claim 'Scapegoating'

  • The attorneys also directly addressed allegations made by prosecutors that the men acted recklessly by removing a critical standpipe that would have allowed the firefighters to get water onto the fire before it raged out of control.

    Contractors Claim 'Scapegoating'

  • Prosecutors argued that the men acted recklessly by removing the standpipe, which would have allowed the firefighters to get water onto the fire before it raged out of control.

    Fire Deaths 'Perfect Storm'

  • Prosecutors have centered their case around a critical standpipe that was removed during the abatement of the building's basement.

    Fire Deaths 'Perfect Storm'


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  • "If the dry weather continues during spring, the Environment Agency (EA) has warned the drought could spread.

    The dire warnings bring back memories of 1976 - a year synonymous with sun, widespread water rationing and standpipes in the streets."

    - Vanessa Barford & Lauren Everitt, Eight radical solutions for the water shortage, BBC website, 4 April 2012.

    November 25, 2012