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  • adj. Unpleasant or offensive to look at; unattractive. See Synonyms at ugly.

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  • adj. displeasing to the eye

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  • Disagreeable to the eye; ugly; deformed; repulsive.

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  • adj. unpleasant to look at


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un- +‎ sightly


  • In many instances, doctored coins ‘turn’ at a later time, as unintended byproducts of doctoring processes result in unsightly delayed chemical reactions or the decomposing of added matter on the doctored coins.

    Coin Rarities & Related Topics: Defining Coin Doctoring and Dipping, Additions to the PCGS Lawsuit Against Alleged Coin Doctors : Coin Collecting News

  • This is an interesting issue, Dan ... the increase in unsightly and not-so-urban townhomes.

    Taking on the Townhouse Scourge « PubliCola

  • I try and do that often, but I find that until I do recycle them, they end up cluttering up drawers in unsightly balls.

    October 2007

  • The use of sealing-wax in India dates from old times and the material, though coarse and unsightly, is still preferred by Anglo – Indians because it resists heat whereas the best English softens like pitch.

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • The former 3's pleasing proportions are retained, down to the curt overhangs, chop-tail trunk, and tight-fitting wheels (designers call the unsightly empty space between tire and fender the "dead-cat zone").

    Automotive News Blog at - Car News Resource

  • There was one object in the landscape which a stranger would probably have overlooked, or might perhaps have called unsightly, but it was familiar to every eye in the village, and endowed by our people with the honors of an ancient landmark -- the tall gray trunk of a dead and branchless pine, which had been standing on the crest of the eastern hill, at the time of the foundation of the village, and which was still erect, though rocked since then by a thousand storms.

    The Eclipse

  • In the 19th century, many American cities banned public appearances by "unsightly" individuals.

    Why looks are the last bastion of discrimination

  • After their mutual encounter, they share with one another what they saw and discover that each caught a glimpse of a different facet of Jesus' life and work: as an infant, an "unsightly" human being, a pillar of light, a lamb hanging on the tree of life, and so forth.

    Rev. Peter M. Wallace: Shining the Light on the Wise Men: A Review of Revelation of the Magi

  • Ugly laws attempted to accomplish what cities are now aiming to achieve with sit/lie and anti-panhandling ordinances: to reinforce social boundaries and marginalize those considered "unsightly" in the newly preserved historic downtowns of the closed city.

    Paul Boden: The Quality of Whose Life? Part 3

  • Regardless of culinary comparison, everyone seems to agree that cellulite is "unsightly," "dreaded," and "humiliating" or, as one article simply said – it just looks bad.

    Oh, My Aching Cellulite


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