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  • adj. Having no definite form; shapeless. See Synonyms at shapeless.
  • adj. Lacking order.
  • adj. Having no material existence.

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  • adj. Without form; shapeless.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Shapeless; without a determinate form; wanting regularity of shape.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Wanting form or shape; without a determinate form; shapeless; amorphous.

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  • adj. having no physical form
  • adj. having no definite form or distinct shape


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From form +‎ -less.


  • In this ocean of universal energy or atmospheric environment which we call formless, there is always some form of some kind, but the formless is a form too high for our human mind to comprehend, we have not yet reached the plane of unfoldment where we have cosmic recognition.

    Freedom Talks No. II

  • If this unimaginable intelligence in the formless is continuously expressing its intelligence in form, the leader who is consciously connected to this intelligence shines and has a high level of attraction.

    Paul David Walker: Leadership Insights: Eliminate Endless Circular Arguments

  • As the months have passed, Barak Obama has had time to develop his points and outline his approach to solutions, but these issues remain formless conjecture couched in political rhetoric.

    The Truth about Sarah Palin Revealed!

  • Our nature dim, like to an unlighted torch, sleeps in formless blank till the fire attain it; this life of life, this light to moon, and glory to the sun.


  • Metaphysics VII 3: In abstracting all qualities and other determinations from body Aristotle arrived at a conception of characterless, undetermined matter, a “prime matter” that the Neoplatonists later defined as formless and incorporeal (because it was no actual body, but only the necessary underlying condition for bodies).

    John Philoponus

  • Aside from the expression of pure relation a language may, of course, be “formless”—formless, that is, in the mechanical and rather superficial sense that it is not encumbered by the use of non-radical elements.

    Chapter 6. Types of Linguistic Structure

  • He may be termed formless by those who, not without much reason to show for themselves, are wedded to the established forms and ratified refinements of poetic art; but it seems reasonable to enlarge the canon till it includes so great and startling a genius, rather than to draw it close and exclude him.

    Poems By Walt Whitman

  • In Job 38, for example, the first act of creation involves a conflict between God and the sea, that is, the formless, watery deep that was there before the world began.

    The Full Feed from

  • Finding form in the formless is another way of putting it.

    NYT > Home Page

  • (Although attempting a truly "formless" novel might be an interesting experiment in itself.)

    Narrative Strategies


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