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  • n. A metal pan having a rounded bottom, used especially for frying and steaming in Asian cooking.

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  • n. A large, oriental, round-bottomed cooking pan.
  • v. To prepare oriental cuisine using a wok.

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  • n. pan with a convex bottom; used for frying in Chinese cooking


Chinese (Cantonese) wōk, equivalent to Chinese (Mandarin) hù, huò.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)
From Cantonese  (wok6), in Mandarin called: trad. , simpl. (pinyin: huò) or trad. , simpl. (pinyin: guō). (Wiktionary)


  • "_Yawk, yawk -- wok, wok, wok, wok, wok_," rang out close behind us, and we both fired simultaneously at a faint gleam of what seemed to be yellow light as it flitted through the glade, running forward to get beyond the smoke in the hope that we might have hit it.

    Nat the Naturalist A Boy's Adventures in the Eastern Seas

  • The wok is much hotter than the hottest oven is going to be.

    Harold McGee's 'Keys To Good Cooking' For Chefs

  • But if you look at the Chinese form of cooking, cooking that's done in the wok is done on a very rapid process.

    Harold McGee's 'Keys To Good Cooking' For Chefs

  • As Priya disclosed, it is a wok from the ikea store.

    Uzhunnu vada « Salt and Pepper.

  • Heat remaining 1 1/2 tablespoons peanut oil in wok until just smoking, then stir-fry remaining ginger, garlic, and pepper flakes until fragrant, about 5 seconds.

    If it's pretty, I'll probably eat it..

  • I will tell you all about why my $15 cheapo wok is one of my favorite cooking pots ever, and how it is special, very soon.


  • Seasoning a new wok is really the only troublesome thing about owning one and it is so simple that I hesitate to call it a chore.

    Tigers & Strawberries » Wok Words

  • Like Barbara I am very attracted to hand hammered carbon steel woks, but my traditional Chinese cast iron wok is so good at getting VERY hot and imparting wok-hay, and it’s so seasoned and easy to use now, I am not sure that a carbon steel would ever get used.

    Tigers & Strawberries » Wok Words

  • "The wok is the cooking of the future," he said, describing the towering flames he witnessed in Chinese kitchens where chefs used the woks with tremendous agility to stir fry, deep fry, steam, braise, stew, and smoke.

    Roseann M. Lake: elBulli in Beijing

  • Our wok, which is or rather was non-stick, needs replacing.

    Making Light: Open thread 135


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