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  • n. A round, soft, brimless cap that fits snugly and is often worn angled to one side.
  • n. A Green Beret.

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  • n. A type of round, brimless cap with a soft top and a headband to secure it to the head; usually culturally associated with France.

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  • n. a cap made of soft cloth with no brim or bill, widening somewhat outward from a close-fitting headband to a flat top, which often has a button or tab in its center.

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  • n. A round flat woolen cap worn by the Basque peasantry.
  • n. Same as biretta.

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  • n. a cap with no brim or bill; made of soft cloth


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

French béret, from French dialectal berret and from Old Provençal berret, cap, both from Late Latin birrus, hooded cloak; see biretta.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From French béret, from Occitan (Gascon) berret ("cap"), from Medieval Latin birretum, from Late Latin birrus ("large hooded cloak"), from Gaulish berros 'short, clipped' (compare Welsh byrr, Middle Irish berr). Compare biretta.


  • Some are for fashion and advertising: for instance, Eve Solal, Daniel Robichaud's Digital Marlene or Alceu M Baptistao's Kaya, interesting for Baptistao's use of imperfection to achieve realism ( "the beret is a cheap trick to avoid showing hair").

    Archive 2003-11-01

  • The only good thing about a beret is that you could stuff it in your pocket at the NCO Club and not wrinkle it beyond repair.

    Vermont Hunting Accident Will Go To Trial

  • Better yet, have you felt an urge to rid him of a certain beret, and pick out his clothes before he finds himself in a fashion emergency intervention?

    Twilight Lexicon » Dressing Up Twilight Style

  • The Tinker in his white beret is usually placed at the rear of the local Royal Marines contingent because the ex-Commandoes in their green berets like to take the lead, but this year he was plucked from obscurity along with the only other WW II veteran, Tom, and promoted to the front row of the parade squad.

    42 entries from November 2007

  • The man with the beret is the late chairman of the art history department at Columbia University and the beautiful young woman is his daughter, who is a stripper in Los Angeles.

    Charles Kuralt's America

  • The beret was the Colonel's idea to show the troeps were different

    Army Rumour Service

  • For the RGJ lads it wasn't too much of a problem as the beret was the same, and we wore the hunting bugle on our RGJ cap badge

    Army Rumour Service

  • The beret was the Colonel's idea to show the troeps were different & was made of the SAP cam combat jkt/trs material.

    Army Rumour Service

  • The exchange of gunfire allegedly erupted between the dreaded presidential guards known as the beret rouges or "red caps" and a special elite of paramilitary police known as

    AllAfrica News: Latest

  • you don't know what you're talking about! the beret is the message! you're all sooooo FIRED!

    Another emergent design review


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