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  • adj. comparative form of just: more just

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  • n. One who justs or takes part in a just.
  • n. A horse for tilting.


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just +‎ -er


  • But it would be a fairer, juster form of slavery than any the world has yet seen.


  • We placed ourselves outside the regime, refusing aught at its hands, registering our protest, hat - ing the inordinate scheme of things only as hotly as we loved the juster Hand of a future time.

    The Kempton-Wace Letters

  • I should proceed to a view of the life, character, and doctrines of Jesus, who sensible of incorrectness of their ideas of the Deity, and of morality, endeavored to bring them to the principles of a pure deism, and juster notions of the attributes of God, to reform their moral doctrines to the standard of reason, justice and philanthropy, and to inculcate the belief of a future state.

    Jesus Christ: A Heretical Appreciation | Heretical Ideas Magazine

  • Can a president intent on fighting for a better and juster democracy actually use that expanded executive power to do this?

    Shadow Elite : What's Behind Surging Executive Power? Globalization

  • "There are a quite a few people who would like society as a whole to be juster, to let their private commitments be translated into a langauge that says, 'We are in this together.'"

    'Give It Back For Jobs' Lets Affluent Return Tax Cuts

  • Dead? asked the coach driver, bitterly, feeling this fate would be nothing but an unfair escape from a juster punishment.

    Poem About Never Growing Up

  • They could then appeal to the values that law sought to protect to promote better, juster, and more humane practices and forms of human association.


  • Never did a doubt arise in juster time; for no sooner had the seal burst, and the envelope rustled under his fingers, than he perceived, to his utter consternation, that he held in his hand only the copies of the deeds for which Francis Tyrrel had written, the originals of which he had too sanguinely concluded would be forwarded according to his requisition.

    Saint Ronan's Well

  • “If the Athenians have any better and juster views to propound, let them come to the Persian court and explain them.”


  • The dry bones of the ancient valley of annalists and chroniclers were made to live, and the great work of the reconstruction of the past was begun, with an alertness and perseverance that has not been surpassed even in an age of far purer and juster historical intelligence.



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  • Be juster, Heaven; such virtue punished thus,

    Will make us think that chance rules all above,

    And shuffles, with a random hand, the lots,

    Which man is forced to draw.

    - John Dryden, 'All for Love'.

    September 20, 2009