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  • adj. Full of tricks or trickery; cunning.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Full of tricks; tricksy; playful.


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trick +‎ -some


  • Could it be that after thinking him lofty and witty in soul, his young, his artless, his tricksome mistress now thought him handsome?

    Modeste Mignon

  • If so, I think I will steal these tricksome methods.

    Another trick I'm using with the feds

  • Thanks for the heads-up - submitted something - I found the tricksome bit was finding that worked when taken out of context of the blog as a whole.

    Shaggy Blog Stories

  • This year, although the festival was kind of weak, either their beginner's luck or my tricksome cine-askari instincts got us to some top quality cinematic billabongs.

    Kenneth Hite's Journal

  • Martha — pretty, winning, mischievous, tricksome Martha — was taken ill suddenly at the Chateau de

    The Life of Charlotte Bronte

  • It seemed to play in a tricksome way; it sure was a merry thing.

    Ballads of a Cheechako

  • You know it's tricksome for one accustomed mainly to men's affairs ....

    Fate Knocks at the Door A Novel

  • Ah, I've got other things as is waiting to be done nor breaking in a tricksome filly to run atween the shafts.

    Six Plays

  • He did not impute a personality like ours to Nature, but he saw joy and rapture and play, even love, moving in everything; and sometimes headded to this delight she has in herself -- and just because the creature was not human -- a touch of elemental unmoral malice, a tricksome sportiveness like that of Puck in _Midsummer Night's Dream_.

    The Poetry Of Robert Browning

  • But the same cannot be proved of Poseidon; 5 far less of Hermes, who is identical with the Vedic Sarameyas, the rising wind, the son of Sarama the dawn, the lying, tricksome wind-god, who invented music, and conducts the souls of dead men to the house of Hades, even as his counterpart the Norse Odin rushes over the tree-tops leading the host of the departed.

    Myths and Myth-makers: Old Tales and Superstitions Interpreted by Comparative Mythology


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