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  • proper n. A female given name, borne by an early Christian saint, and by European royalty.
  • proper n. An Æon (a form of divine being) in the Gnostic tradition.


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From Ancient Greek σοφία (sophia, "wisdom").


  • After watching sophia, Kay ` ce wanted to build a Fairy House So Sophia ` s Fairy ` s had a holiday destination to visit!. - Business News

  • I realized that the name Sophia in Greek means “wisdom.”

    The Sacred Promise

  • I realized that I had the possibility to conduct an exploratory investigation testing whether some sort of spiritual being with the name Sophia was somehow connected to me.

    The Sacred Promise

  • Through sheer determination, I managed to focus my mind on the words in front of me, though every time I came across a reference to Sophia, the Greek word meaning “wisdom,” the figure of Mary would stir gently in the back of my mind.

    A Letter of Mary

  • Being an old maid, I do not know much about men and have never pretended to, but my cousin Sophia is very hard on them, although she married two of them, which you might think was a fair share.

    Rilla of Ingleside

  • I asked her in my mind what her name was, and what popped in was the name Sophia.

    The Sacred Promise

  • You had a surprising vision of a glowing white, angelic-like female and heard the name Sophia, which you initially presumed has nothing to do with angels.

    The Sacred Promise

  • Sophia is at odds with the heirs, and Jimmy fears for her safety.

    Set Sail for Murder by Carolyn Hart: Book summary

  • Two minutes after that call, a San Diego car rental reservation record shows up in the Hertz database in the name of Sophia Stanhope.

    Fatal Error

  • Titans CLASH when Paul dukes it out with none other than Hercules in order to save the beautiful Sophia from the clutches of the god†™ s minions!

    Image Comics for February 2010 | Major Spoilers - Comic Book Reviews and News


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