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  • noun A bantam chicken; hence, a very diminutive, cocky person.
  • Saucy; impudent.

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  • adjective US bantam (small, but aggressive)


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  • Another term the republicans banty about is “strict contrutructionst” judges when attacking Democratically imposed Judges.

    Think Progress » Cornyn Hypocritically Accuses Democrats Of ‘Hysterical’ Reaction To Right-Wing Judicial Activism

  • When the coffee was ready, he poured a tin mug black as the night outside and sat munching cold biscuits and drinking hot coffee, feeling stove up as an old banty rooster.

    Come Again No More

  • Still, throughout the three-week trial, DeLay was cockier than a banty rooster, crowing to the media that there was no way he could be convicted.

    Jim Hightower: 'The Hammer' Gets Nailed With a New Nickname

  • The weasel evaded our efforts to trap it and went on to kill a banty hen and all her chicks; then it slipped back to the underworld, through whatever steaming crack it had emerged from, never to torment us again.

    The Dirty Life

  • I agree, but with banty-rooster senators like Oklahoma's Coburn "blaming it on the federal government" you have to wonder exactly what logic is being played out so consistently among these people so mobilized by their fear that they would risk jail to demonstrate by brandishing serious weaponry in the presence of the President of the United States.

    Good-Bye America!

  • On a more personal note, when I read people like Jan starting to banty around words like "adults" as if she is somehow more together or superior to others, I just have to laugh.

    Poll: Hillary At 57% in California Dem Primary

  • Each time I do, I get a pile of people on here shrieking in protest and casting dust wildly into the air, jumping around like little banty hens, protesting that I am "anti-education."

    Archive 2007-07-01

  • Somewhere in the middle of the gloom lurked that dangerous banty Texan Ross Perot.

    President Perot?

  • There was nothing particularly heroic about him to look at or listen to; he was, at 61, a banty rooster of a man with question-mark ears, a mangled nose, a barber-college haircut and an east Texas drawl as thin and sharp as wine gone to vinegar.


  • The day is different now, grave and threatened, rain-hurried, and he watches Mays standing in center field looking banty in all that space, completely kid-size, and he wonders how the guy can make those throws he makes, whirl and sling, with power.



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  • Slang for bantam.

    November 5, 2008