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  • adj. Demonstrated to be false.
  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of falsify.


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  • The information that the Dems sent to the CBO were cooked and patently falsified is what this looks like.

    Democrats told to evade details of CBO scoring. | RedState

  • ID is a cop out, because it cannot be falsified, which is required for it to be a scientific hypothesis.

    Debbie – answer your phone | My[confined]Space

  • Therefore, the testing is either falsified, which is hard to prove, or incomplete, which is 100% true.

    Eric Schmeltzer: Something Smells in New Orleans

  • Now, if you're arguing that you would cease to believe in God if some particular, widely held proposition were falsified, that is a different matter.

    Planet Atheism

  • Jim Galasyn: @Ray: Please enumerate which of Hansen's and IPCC's prediction have been "falsified" by the contrarians.

    Hansen: Obama has only four years to save the world - NASA Watch

  • Okay, let's see — you say ID is falsifiable, and without providing any examples of hypothetical evidence that would in your view actually falsify it, you state that if any one of three premises — Irreducible Complexity, Complex Specified Information, or the Explanatory Filter — can be "falsified", then ID itself is also falsified.

    The Memory Hole

  • If an interpretation cannot in fact be "falsified" by the text, we should nonetheless give the text every chance to be a source of meanings, rather than a pretext for them.

    Complexity and Order.

  • Theories in the humanities are rarely "falsified" in this senseit is truer to say that they go in and out of fashion than that they become burdened down with disproven hypotheses.

    Complexity and Order.

  • Recipients of the schemers' emails were deceived into opening and acting on the stock promotions through spam that evaded blocking devices through the use of evasive techniques such as falsified "headers" in the email messages, proxy computers to relay the spam, falsely registered domain names to send the spam, and misrepresentations in the advertising content of some of the underlying email messages. News

  • The head of two Toronto-area organizations that were stripped of their charitable status after submitting 'falsified' documents to federal regulators was sentenced this month for sexual assault for inappropriately touching a teenager, CBC News has learned.

    CBC | Top Stories News


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