from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • To bind (cloth).
  • n. A slit; specifically, a short slit or opening left in an article of dress, as in the sleeve of a shirt, at the top of the skirt in a dress, etc., as a means of putting it on; a placket or placket-hole.
  • n. A crack; a flaw.
  • n. A remnant, as of cotton; an odd piece; specifically, imperfectly printed or imperfectly dyed ends of cotton and other cloths, which are sold for patchwork and similar purposes.
  • n. The binding of any part of the dress.


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  • "What is this picture but a fragment?
    Is it linen—papyrus—who can say?
    All those stains and fents and stretched bits, but
    she was a character, even a beauty, you can see that
    from the set of her head and the rakish snood
    her tight black curls are fighting to escape from."

    "The Sandal" by Edwin Morgan, quoted in Artful by Ali Smith, pp 25-26

    August 2, 2013

  •     God
    Opens each fent, scent, memory, aftermath
    In the sky and the sod.
    —Lawrence Durrell, 'Carol on Corfu'

    March 17, 2009