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  • n. Dampness, especially of the air.
  • n. Relative humidity.

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  • n. dampness, especially that of the air.
  • n. the amount of water vapour in the air.

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  • n. Moisture; dampness; a moderate degree of wetness, which is perceptible to the eye or touch; -- used especially of the atmosphere, or of anything which has absorbed moisture from the atmosphere, as clothing.
  • n. The content of water vapor in the air, expressed as a percent of the maximum amount of water vapor that the air can hold at the given temperature; also called relative humidity. The capacity of the air to hold moisture increases with temperature, so if the temperature changes without changing the absolute content of the atmospheric moisture, the relative humidity will also change.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The state of being humid; moisture; dampness; especially, a moderate degree of wetness which is perceptible to the eye or touch.
  • n. In meteorology, the amount of aqueous vapor in the atmosphere compared with that which is required to saturate it under the given condition as to temperature: specifically called relative humidity.

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  • n. wetness in the atmosphere


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Middle English humidite, from Old French, from Medieval Latin hūmiditās, from Latin hūmidus, humid; see humid.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Middle English humidite, from Old French, from Medieval Latin humiditas, from Latin umidus ("damp, moist, wet")


  • The term humidity describes the fact that the atmosphere can contain water vapor.

    Atmospheric humidity

  • I'm from Seattle where it rains all of the time and the humidity is always high during the rainy season.


  • Coming from Arizona where, at this time of the year in the Sonoran desert, the humidity is about 8-10% - and the temperature in the 80's-90's - that's when an evaporative cooler works best Pete.

    It is very hot lakeside

  • In the summer the humidity is about 100%, so there is no problem there.

    Columns and Corbels - Wood Carving

  • You were here during a dry period; the humidity is a little higher this week.

    Evaporative coolers

  • Think I'll go open the stand and see if I can't interest some folks in a snowcone ....... the humidity is atrocious!!!

    bridge traffic report

  • I am starting to realize that "climate", especially in terms of temperature and humidity, is a highly variable phenomenon at a scale of meters or less.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • Using the Re-analysis for long-term humidity trends is pretty dicey.


  • M.rmur before it, it's the sound of a young R.E.M. All covered in Southern humidity, kudzu and innocence - mumbled vocals, indiscernible lyrics, ringing Rickenbacker's - in essence, a perfect R.E.M. album.

    Aquarium Drunkard: Music Blog

  • Coming by chance into Cornwall, he had taken an uncommon fancy to our climate and its 'humidity' -- that was the word.

    Merry-Garden and Other Stories


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  • We'll see who's hee-heeing when you have weirdly strong soup cravings* and it's too humid for soup! Boy could I go for some soup. :(

    *I can't decide on the most appropriate phrase, but I know it has "somethin' fierce" somewhere in it

    August 30, 2008

  • Hee hee!

    August 30, 2008

  • Thanks, freakish nighttime humidity! I had no idea I could come so close to fainting in a lukewarm shower, bathroom windows wide open. Boy golly!

    Our weathery sensormabob (one of those silly man-gadgets, in this case a clock) is reading 99% humidity; it's 70 degrees outside, and I'm blasting the air conditioning. PLEASE TO BE MAKE WITH THE RAINING SOON THIS IS RIDICULOUS THANK YOU.

    August 30, 2008