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  • v. Past participle of lie1.

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  • v. Past participle of lie (oriented in a horizontal position, situated).

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  • p. p. of lie, v. i.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • To deny; conceal.
  • To use concealment; speak falsely.
  • n. Past participle of lie.
  • n. A layer. Harrison, Descrip. of England, p. 187.
  • n. Plow-land lying at the foot of the downs.
  • n. Denial; concealment.


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Inflected forms.

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From Old Norse løyna ("to conceal") ( = Old English līġnan), from Proto-Germanic *laugnā (“secrecy”).


  • The term "lain in state" is traditionally reserved for elected U.S. officials or military officers, according to the office of the clerk of the House.

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  • Nathanael exclaimed: "Long has the word lain upon my tongue!

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  • Every other aspect of business partnerships have these terms lain out, but it is apparently obvious the case of marriage/divorce is not covered. - News

  • Produk Google lain akan menyusul, termasuk produk-produk baru yang akan diluncurkan oleh Google.

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  • Kahwinilah lelaki / wanita yang gemar anda berbicara dengannya, kerana kemahiran berbicara antara satu dengan lain akan menjadi lebih penting pabila usia semakin tua.

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  • Mahkamah antara lain akan mendengar permohonan DSAI untuk mengenepikan pertuduhan fitnah terhadap beliau.

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  • Dalam banyak kasus, berbagai ide lain akan muncul saat Anda mulai berbicara.

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  • Kita tidak tahu apa ada dalam komputer itu, tapi lazimnya sesuatu siasatan polis atau pihak berkuasa lain akan menjurus kepada pelbagai elemen kejutan 'cari benda lain akan terjumpa benda lain' here)

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  • because too few people believe 'lain' is a real word New Blogs and RSS Feeds

  • In his bestselling book Protestant—Catholic—Jew, Will Herberg argued that the religious resurgence of that day resulted from the bond between ethnicity and religion that, having lain largely dormant for decades, resurfaced in the middle of the twentieth century.

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