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  • v. To renovate or to convert to a different use, particularly houses, offices, or rooms within them
  • v. (of a person, particularly a woman) To create a new physical look, especially with a new hairstyle, cosmetics, or clothes
  • v. (of a career, public image, etc.) To improve upon and/or take in a new direction
  • v. To transfer ownership, especially by means of a legal document

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  • v. make new
  • v. use again in altered form


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  • Then he commanded to make over all that was hers to me and they displayed her to me368 in her lodging.

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • + A short prayer which Blessed Timothy used to make over those who returned from the communion of the Dyophysites.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 10: Mass Music-Newman

  • When the flood began to make over the bar and to cover the long sandbank that stretches from the island of Saltes, the Nina came gliding in, greeted by every joyful sound and signal that the inhabitants of the two seaports could make.

    Christopher Columbus

  • The Emperor, who continued to have a great friendship for the Duke of Orleans, had offered several times to make over to him the Duchy of Milan.

    The Princess of Cleves

  • The noble lady has bargained to make over to her confidante all her interest in Hervey's heart.


  • Eric Lefkofsky, who stands to make over $4 billion from Groupon's IPO, has made a career of starting and selling companies.

    What's News—

  • Then you make over to me a large part of Devrey Shipping.

    City of Glory

  • As far as I knew, Danilo might be scowling at his wife because she was begging him to stick a knife in me so she could have my green jacket to make over for Ivan and Zosha.

    The Black Mountain

  • But, as it was impossible to govern properly so extensive an empire from so distant a capital, he found it advisable to make over the upper satrapies to Antiochus, his son, giving him Seleucia as his capital (293 B.C.).

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 11: New Mexico-Philip

  • You make over forty-nine percent of Devrey Shipping to me, and keep eleven percent for yourself.

    City of Glory


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