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  • adj. Not accessible to view.
  • adj. Used in reference to a goal, aspiration, or expected state that is not yet attainable.
  • adj. Superb, excellent.
  • adj. Very expensive.
  • adj. Drunk.


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  • I hear the distinctive zip-zip of the slinking rope and turn to watch it slithering out of sight over the edge.

    127 Hours

  • Certainly the interior did look like a tunnel, razor straight and curving upward out of sight in either direction; and there was a gallery-like feel to the objects scattered there.

    Creative Couplings

  • “A rottweiler?” she exclaimed as the bus pulled out of sight through the trees.

    Slice Of Cherry

  • Piga! as he went out of sight and as we ran again, like hounds, we almost fell over something.

    Hemingway on Hunting

  • Without warning, he abruptly pushed the pause button on the remote just as Aaron Dennis slid his head under the bedspread and out of sight of the camera.

    Street Judge

  • Dr. Marton dropped out of sight eleven months ago.

    Enemies of the People

  • A less thirsty part of him insisted that he remain in the cemetery, waiting out of sight for the monster to return—

    Etched in Bone

  • It was easy to duck out of sight as Vera tediously, clumsily clumbered down the steep and narrow stairs.

    My Sweet Audrina

  • One observer laughed at the memory of Toombs's performance in the march through Richmond to the Peninsula: "He put himself at the head of one regiment and moved it out of sight amid hurrahs, then galloping back he brought on another, ready himself for cheers, until the brigade was down the street and near the embarkation."


  • As soon as he was out of sight of his sister he changed thé .22 shorts in the rifle for the long-rifles.

    Hemingway on Hunting


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